Princeville NC Has A New Mayor And Two New Commissioners

The people of Princeville have spoken.

Mayor Delia Perkins has lost again to former Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates who serve one four year term. Everette–Oates received (294) votes and Perkins (207). If Perkins had received the votes that Freddie Bell Sr. (2), Tyrone Hopkins (45 ) and Theresa Richardson (40) it still would not have been enough to keep her seat.

I told Mayor Perkins in a meeting right after the flood that she lost back then because of the lack of communication with the people in Princeville. I feel this was a problem during this tenure as well. I really didn’t like the way she carried out her meetings. But I feel the outside resources Perkins have played a major role in where the commission stands today.

I also feel strongly that since Mayor Perkins and the others didn’t ask Sam Knight former Town Manager to resign over the money issue, the people felt like they were promoting criminal activities.

I was shocked that Ann Carney Adams (65) lost her seat to former Councilwoman Isabelle Purvis-Andrews (83). I felt that Adams acted professionally however the people obviously voted her out because she supported Perkins and Knight.

I felt that Carolyn Sharpe (58) would be ousted this time because Calvin Sherrod (130) challenged her the last time and the election ended in a tie. Sharpe won the coin flip.

It is obvious that because she supported Mayor Perkins among some other rumors in the town, the people voted her out.

My opinion: I feel that Princeville is going to be set back simply because of the new administration. I strongly feel that the town suffered under the leadership of Everette-Oates previous administration which included Purvis-Andrews. Sherrod has been a strong supporter of them so therefore more than likely Sherrod and Purvis-Andrews will vote together. I feel the other two remaining commissioners Ann Howell Brown and Gwendolyn Knight will vote together so what does that leave? Everette-Oates will get to break the tie. Go figure. LMBAO!!

In four years we will see if Princeville will survive after Hurricane Floyd Flood in 1999 and the commission that was voted in shortly after.