Mass Meeting To Inform The Community Of The Importance Of Voting In The Raleigh District 2 Race

From: Jrwite
To: Jrwite
Subj: Important Announcement

The Capital Area Branches NAACP (South Central Wake –Raleigh/Apex–Wendell Wake Co) branches are calling a Mass Meeting at the Juniper Level Baptist Church 9100 Sauls Road Raleigh on Sunday at 6:00 PM. This mass meeting is to inform the community of the importance of voting in the District 2 race.

We will attempt to show how this race will form the future of the Wake County Schools, and educate the community on the future of our children. Please pass the word around to all of your friends and family.

Have a voice in our children’s future! Please announce in all Churches and other places that can carry the word out for us.

Yours in the struggle,

J Ronald White, President
South Central Wake County NAACP

Rev Portia Rochelle, President

Raleigh/ Apex NAACP

Charles High, President

Wendell Wake NAACP