Yep I Knew I Was Going To See This Again by Curmilus Dancy II DCN Publisher

Yep I knew I was going to see this again, ‘Let’s leave race out of it.’

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Elections 2010 Dancy Communications Network The DCN Will Be Very Active by Curmilus Dancy II DCN Publisher

Dancy Communications Network The DCN will be very active because I know the politicians (incumbents) whom hold seats in the present. I am quite sure I will know those who will attempt to unseat the incumbents however if I do not know them I will be researching them to see who wants to represent us here in Edgecombe County.

I have worked too hard since the early 90’s educating myself about Edgecombe County Politics but not limited to. If I don’t know politicians personally, I know folks whom I feel comfortable with in other counties who know these folks and I will follow their lead.

The DCN will be tracking the local Edgecombe County candidates and those who do not live here but will run on a district or statewide level. People must be informed about what the candidates are all about and what they have to offer. I will be putting the information out there and it will be up to folks how they receive it.

The DCN will be endorsing candidates and also will be offering campaign spots on The DCN. Anyone who may be interested should contact me.

I am not limited to The DCN because I call in almost weekly to the local weekly radio talk shows in Rocky Mount Monday – Friday and Raleigh on Sunday. My name is widely know across the state because not only can they hear me on Sunday but they receive The DCN weekly mailings.

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