From The Publisher – After Reading The Book God’s Soldier by Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr. RIP, I Found That It Was Not Just About The Church

I truly enjoyed the book. It was really, really good and it gave me an idea of how I want to do my book. So many people have told me that I need to write one and now that I have read this one, I may begin to write mines.

It is was funny that I had not heard anything about the book until one night on Facebook my cousin from another state asked me had I seen the book that McKinnon had written? He didn’t spell his name correctly nor did he put Rev. in front of his name. I said are you talking about Rev. McKinnon that used to be the Pastor at Pines Chapel? He said yes. He said he was told it was a tell all.

After my conversation with my cousin I began to inquire about the book. I also sent  Rev. McKinnon’s wife a message on Facebook and asked her about the book and she responded with the information I requested.

Before I could get a copy I was given a copy to read. I read up to page 49 last Sunday while sitting in the clinic. I finished reading it yesterday.

What I found so funny was that several people had made it appear that the book was just about a local church. Not so. I consider the book to be somewhat an autobiography of the man Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr. because he talked about his life from his childhood until his death. It was very touching and . . . I will leave it at that but if anyone ask me about the book when I see them in person, I will answer any questions they may have about what I think of the book.

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2 thoughts on “From The Publisher – After Reading The Book God’s Soldier by Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr. RIP, I Found That It Was Not Just About The Church

  1. I grew up in Pines Chapel Baptist Church! If you ask me Rev. McKinnon thought he was running a dictatorship! He sat the influential people in the church down when they did not do as they were told! It took the people of Pines Chapel long enough to stand up for themselves! Growing up with these people as a young child into a young adult I know they would never do anything to steer me wrong. As for those on the outside looking in, you were doing just that! I remember multiple things he did and said to me and other youth in the church that steered us away from the church. Rev. McKinnon may have had some good aspect’s but he sure had some bad one’s! The ones who loved him were the ones in his inner circle or his do boys/girls! I felt he was wrong as a minister of the gospel to write about what happened in our church! Conference meetings are supposed to be confidential! He put people on blast that he did not like! He was supposed to be one of gods soldiers then he was supposed to know how to forgive! Some on the things in this book should have been left out! He went so far as to demean his former wife! He should have been looking at himself and the fact that he was married so many times! That was the mother of his children! How do you think this book made his kids feel! This book was nothing more that gossip for those who enjoy that type of mess!


    • In re: Me

      Thank you for taking the time out to comment. I understand your feelings because you were a member there at the time. I have talked to a couple of people who had similar comments about the man and the book. One thing about it is I know all the people whom I have come in contact with their comments so I can weigh the comments from what I know about them. I am not a member of Pines Chapel but I have family, friends and enemies there and I talk to some of all of them.

      Some of the people that he sat down I know on a personal note and they had some issues as well.

      I am quite sure the man had some bad aspects as well but this is where individuals must hold folks accountable for their actions especially the older folks in the church. So many times the older folks do not want to hold others accountable so therefore young folks suffer. This is one reason why I refuse to go to a church (especially taking my children) where I know there are several issues and the people allow things to go on. In many situations I do not fault the minister but the members.

      As it relates to the ones who loved the man, many of them were probably mostly older folks who just hoped things would get better but all hell finally broke loose. When we become adults we realize that we associate with fellowship with folks whom we like. However I don’t associate with folks who I can not be honest with and they be honest with me. I believe in holding others accountable for their actions and I ask them to hold me accountable as well.

      You say he demeaned his former wife, uh which one. You don’t have to answer that.

      As it relates to what goes on in conference meetings, I know for a fact that many members share the information with others. People share information with me all the time, sometimes I wonder why.

      As it relates to his children I would love to know how they feel about the book however I don’t know them.

      You say the book was nothing more than gossip for those who enjoy that type of mess. Well I would hope that all of the information in the book is true but I don’t know because I was not there. However I probably know all of the people that are mentioned in the book.

      Again I enjoyed the part about his life the most as he talked about how he grew up moving from place to place, going into the United States Army and getting married.


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