Rocky Mount NC – Ward 2 candidates hear same concerns

Rocky Mount Councilman Reuben Blackwell and political newcomer Jane Gravely have been knocking on many of the same doors and talking with some of the same people in recent weeks. (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

From The Publisher – After Reading The Book God’s Soldier by Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr. RIP, I Found That It Was Not Just About The Church

I truly enjoyed the book. It was really, really good and it gave me an idea of how I want to do my book. So many people have told me that I need to write one and now that I have read this one, I may begin to write mines.

It is was funny that I had not heard anything about the book until one night on Facebook my cousin from another state asked me had I seen the book that McKinnon had written? He didn’t spell his name correctly nor did he put Rev. in front of his name. I said are you talking about Rev. McKinnon that used to be the Pastor at Pines Chapel? He said yes. He said he was told it was a tell all.

After my conversation with my cousin I began to inquire about the book. I also sent  Rev. McKinnon’s wife a message on Facebook and asked her about the book and she responded with the information I requested.

Before I could get a copy I was given a copy to read. I read up to page 49 last Sunday while sitting in the clinic. I finished reading it yesterday.

What I found so funny was that several people had made it appear that the book was just about a local church. Not so. I consider the book to be somewhat an autobiography of the man Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr. because he talked about his life from his childhood until his death. It was very touching and . . . I will leave it at that but if anyone ask me about the book when I see them in person, I will answer any questions they may have about what I think of the book.

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Hurricane Floyd Flood – 10-Year Commemoration “From Floyd to the Future” Tarboro NC

          J. Ed Bridgers former 
Princeville Mayor


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The event was sponsored by Edgecombe County  on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at the Edgecombe County Administration Building Auditorium.

I went to work that morning at 5:00 am and attended the event and then returned to work. I was not pleased with the event but they did do something.

One thing I didn’t appreciate is there were no one from Pinetops on the program.

I did enjoy Mr. J. Ed Bridgers testimony of survival however Princeville. I am glad Mayor Perkins casted the deciding vote to rebuild Princeville but Dodge City in Pinetops chose not to rebuild. This is where the 6 people died. Actually it was 7 because Otis Reid has not been counted. Hear the names of the dad, mother, daughter, grandbaby Ben Mayo family and two siblings from the flowers family.

I want to thank Mayor Vines Cobb of Pinetops who got up and told the story about the mother who left Highway 258 in Pinetops living in a trailer and went to her mother’s house in Dodge City because she thought she would be safer from the hurricane. She didn’t know that it was going to be a flood also. She lost 2 of her children.

The other family of 4, the daughter and her child came home from Zebulon to stay with her parents in Dodge City and all four of them died.

Ben Mayo had been hauling folks out on his boat but later because the current got so bad, he and the others didn’t make it out.

The public is invited to come join us in Dodge City as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Floyd Flood. See details in the link below.

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Tarboro NC – Rev. Roy Gray And His Former Campaign Manager Taro Knight Vie for Ward 7 Candidates Forum (Video Included)

This is going to be an interesting race. I feel whoever takes the most folks to the polls on election day will be the winner.

I was not impressed with either however I will continue to follow them.

Recreation seems to be a hot topic and technology being set up in the recreation center (Ray Center) for the public.   

Click on Gray or Knight’s picture to view video.

Roy Gray2009-09-27_12-51-38-663[4]


Taro Knight2009-09-27_12-44-37-632

Julia Boseman won’t back down – N.C.’s only openly gay state senator on politics, parenting and Jesse Helms

If you know anything about Julia Boseman, it’s that she’s North Carolina’s only out state senator. Or that she was the solitary holdout who voted no on the resolution honoring Sen. Jesse Helms after he died last year. Or that she recently won a nasty custody case with her ex-partner over rights to see her 7-year-old son. (Read more @ Indy

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