From The Publisher – Power Struggle Within The NAACP Rocky Mount Branch Mattie Hinton Vice President vs Andre Knight President

I have been waiting on this to hit the media because I knew it was coming. I was not in the meeting on August 6 but I have heard much about what suppose to have taken place at the meeting from several people. I will not allow folks to mislead folks when I know things are not as they appear from what I know.

I knew that eventually there was going to be some type of confusion with Andre Knight President, Mattie Hinton vice president and her daughter Teresa Hinton treasurer. It didn’t just start on August 6, 2009 but has been ongoing because I have a conversation via email between Teresa and I about Andre and the NAACP around Christmas time in December 2007. Mattie and Teresa made sure Andre remained the president in 2008 and I wonder why? Because they wanted to use him to push their banquet.

I was not at the meeting so I do not know what happened with the table incident other than what I have been told. I do know all parties involved. I was told that president Andre Knight, Mattie, Teresa and the assistant secretary Dorothy Dickens were present. I was told that Teresa was not in the room at the time of the table incident so therefore Knight, Mattie and Dickens only knows what happened. I will not try to figure out what happened and will take in consideration what the three of them have to say. I have heard Knight’s side however I know there are more than one side to a story.

I wonder why Mattie don’t want to talk to the media since I am hearing so much about the campaign that she is pushing to get Knight ousted. I will get back to the ousted part later.

As it relates to the table thing how can Teresa be a witness when she was not in the room? How can anyone other than Knight, Mattie and Dickens be witnesses?

It appears that Mattie is so angry that she do not care about this is an election year for the Rocky Mount City Council. I wonder why she has not resigned from the OIC Board of Directors since she has an issue with Reuben Blackwell OIC Executive Director? Funny how I have not seen that mentioned anywhere that she is a board member at OIC.

Verbal abuse? What is considered verbal abuse? It is of my opinion that when someone accuses someone of verbal abuse they are saying that the other person threatened them. So what were the words used? Were the words actually threatened words or just words that may not been appropriate?

Attack? So is Mattie saying that Knight actually physically attacked Teresa? Why is it Teresa is not complaining about bruises and why was the police not called? Why didn’t Teresa be seen at the OIC Medical Center?

So Mattie is saying that she and Dickens and now some other folks in another meeting could not stop Knight from attacking Teresa? Attacking her how? Physical abuse or verbal abuse? If he was holding her down then I can understand maybe they couldn’t stop him but if it was verbal abuse, damn couldn’t she walk out of the meeting and leave the premises?

But why is Mattie claiming Knight attacked Teresa? Since she was not in the room during the table incident, what did Teresa do when she came back in the room? Did you attack Knight be it verbal or physical? Obviously something is missing here.

Mattie says Blackwell convinced her to go to the OIC Medical Center to be seen. Well damn I thought it was Mattie’s chest she was complaining about and not her head so she couldn’t think for herself? She is on the board of directors at OIC. Oh well.

Mattie says Blackwell begged “us” not to go to the emergency room so it would not be in the paper. This is Mattie and Teresa.

It makes sense to me that if there is internal problems within an organization one would not want to bring the media into it early on without trying to work things out first.

I must agree with Blackwell that this is about politics and Mattie seized the opportunity to put Blackwell in the spotlight when she is a board member at OIC. She is putting the NAACP in the spotlight while serving as vice president/executive board member. This is not the norm for persons serving in these capacities to go public passing information and talking to others about internal affairs. I could understand it better if she was just a member of these two organizations but she is an officer in both.

I find it so strange that Mattie is accusing Knight of physical and verbal abuse but did not go to the police. Why?

Now I will share some input on what I know about Knight, Mattie and Teresa as it relates to the NAACP. It did not start recently but has been ongoing.

First of all I am a Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP and a member of the Rocky Mount Branch since 1992. I will challenge anyone when it comes to this branch because I have been a faithful member since that time. I have not been attending the meetings simply because I get sick of sitting in meetings with Mattie, Teresa and Rev. Elbert Lee with their own agendas. Since I am not an officer I do not have to be at the executive committee meetings so I have not attended the meetings regularly since Mattie took over the branch after the last election. Andre Knight is the president however Mattie runs the show. I mean “the show.”

Teresa had an issue with Knight and the NAACP that she and I discussed in several emails in December 2007. She took the conversation to a whole new level because obviously she didn’t like my response. Knight told me that she told him that she called the police to her house about the emails saying I was harassing her. It is clear that she had a problem with how I responded. Teresa was unaware that I knew this until I attended a special called NAACP meeting about two weeks ago. Teresa was sitting close by me and after I stated in the meeting that someone in the room had called the police on me about an email, she began to call my name and I said I am listening to what is going on in the meeting. As I was walking out of the room she continued to call me and I ignored her. Why? Because I had nothing to say to her.

Mind you in December of 2008 Teresa had the audacity to send me a Christmas card (not birthday) since my birthday is on Christmas Day. I wrote return to sender and dropped it off at the post office because I refused to accept anything from her after learning about she had called the police about the email conversation we had.

Mattie and Teresa are responsible for several folks not attending the NAACP meetings because they were sick of them. During the last election Mattie sent out letters to those whom she wanted to be officers and on the executive committee. I never received any information about the election. I could have made a big deal about this however since I had no interest in the 1st vice president seat nor a seat on the executive committee I just let it go. However as a member I know I can say what I want to say at the general body meetings where everything suppose to come before it is acted upon.

I am going to close here however I can say much more. Perhaps now is not the time.

In response to: NAACP official alleges scuffle with Knight

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Curmilus Dancy II
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