NAACP NC – Caswell County: North Carolina NAACP Open Investigation in the Shooting and Wounding of Two Black Children by a White Gunman


Serena Williams – Tries to Move On

I hate Serena got caught up in the moment however I understand how one can get frustrated. However I say in the now that we as a black people especially professionals can not allow ourselves to make certain mistakes.

We can not allow ourselves to show our bad side to a certain level. You see sometimes we can get too far out there and then other folks will say, okay you see they are crazy, must be on drugs and etc. We can not give them that joy. You see there are some folks who wait for the golden opportunity to get something on you.

Now trust me I can act a fool but I know when and where to do such. We must practice knowing when and where no matter how bad things get.

The one thing I like about our President he always keeps his cool and if he could do it when Joe Blow called him a lie, I know this brother is good. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Serena Williams tries to move on from uproar over outburst

Serena Williams just wants to move on. But the controversy around her obscenity-laced tirade at a line judge at the U.S. Open continues. (Read more @ CNN)

From The Publisher – And Folks Talk About How Godly They Are And They Are About What Is Right

It amazes the hell out of me how some folks talk about how Godly they are and they allow certain things to happen in our community.

Take for instance I would bet my life that many politicians in Edgecombe County especially the Edgecombe County Commissioners know that a certain person do not live where he says he lives because it has been brought before them that there is no livable structure on the property. But check the records to see what boards or committees do these folks allow this person to sit on.

You know every time I think about how much confusion this person has caused and how he has disrespected all of them on more than one occasion, I just want to throw the hell up. And because I come into contact with these folks from time to time and look at them serving in certain capacities it just makes me sick as hell. Why? Because these politicians have promoted this person’s mess over the years and therefore he has been able to show his a… in the committees that he serve on because these folks put him there.

In the future I will start challenging these folks during re-election asking them will they continue to promote folks that they know ain’t bout manure but if they continue to promote them, what does that make them all about?

I understand what that rapper did on that awards show the other night when he took the mike from the person and said another person should have gotten the award. Now I am not speaking about them because I ain’t into that. My point is that I have seen folks being recognized, promoted, given awards at banquets and etc. whom in my opinion have not done a damn thing. I have even heard the folks who do the recognition talk about the person has not done anything.

Well in a recent post here that I written, “Folks It Is Not Business As Usual Anymore,” I meant just that. I am tired of people fronting.

So if you do not want to be called out when your seat is open, do not seek another term.

Curmilus Dancy II
DCN Publisher



Former President Jimmy Carter – Rep. Wilson comments ‘based on racism’ and I totally agree

Well damn maybe I am missing something here. Wilson’s son stated, “My brothers and I were raised by our parents to respect everyone regardless of background or race." Damn the last time I checked our President is a black man so therefore obviously he do not meet the criteria. That is right because hell some folks don’t consider black folks a race of people but animals and etc. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst to President Barack Obama during a speech to Congress last week was an act "based on racism" and rooted in fears of a black president. (Read more @ The Rocky Mount Telegram)

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From The Publisher

Edgecombe County Public Schools – Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

Regular Meeting of the Edgecombe County Board of Education
Edgecombe County Board Rooms
412 Pearl Street
Tarboro, NC 27886

September 14, 2009



(1) Call to Order of Regular Meeting of the Board

(1.1) Pledge of Allegiance

(2) Recognition

(3) Public Comments

(This time for public comments has been established for citizens who desire to address the board and who register prior to the start of the meeting. The Board has established a 3-minute time limitation for comments to be taken into consideration by the Board. Public comments must relate to items on the agenda. Feedback will not be given during the Board Session. If a response is necessary, the Board will respond within ten working days. Thank you. [Edgecombe County Board of Education Policy 2210])

(4) Approval of Agenda

(5) Approval of Open Session Minutes

(6) Items for Information

(7) Committee Reports

(7.1) Policy Committee

5680 Communicable Diseases or Conditions/Employees – Revised

5680.1 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control – Revised

5680.1 Bloodborne Pathogens Regulations and Procedures – Revised

(8)A. Consent Items (One Motion Approval)

(8.1.A) Approval of Field Trips

(8)B. Items for Action

(8.1.B) Approval of 2009-2010 Budget Resolution

(8.2.B) Approval of Exceptional Children Service Provider Contract for 2009-2010

(8.3.B) Approval of School Improvement Plans

(8.4.B) Approval of Change in Supplement Schedule for Lead Enhancement Teachers

(8.5.B) Approval of 2009-2010 Disadvantaged Students Supplemental Funding (DSSF) Plan

(8.6.B) Approval of Section 125/Cafeteria Plan Administration for the School System

(8.7.B) Approval of Change of Date for Regular May 2010 Meeting of the Board

Board Agenda – September 14, 2009

Page 2

Motion Required: I make a motion under the North Carolina Open Meetings Law, Sections 143-318.11 (a) (1), (a) (3), and (a) (6), to go into Closed Session to consider personnel matters, to consult with the attorney to preserve attorney-client privileged information, and to prevent the disclosure of student records rendered confidential under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. 1232g, and the disclosure of personnel records rendered confidential under G.S. 115C-319 through 321.


(9.1) Personnel Management

(9.1.1) Public Comment – Personnel Matter

(9.1.2) Listed Personnel (Contracted, New Hires, Resignations, Retirements, Substitutes,

Transfers, Leave Requests, etc.)

(9.1.3) Superintendent’s Evaluation

(9.2) Student Management

(9.2.1) Student Transfers

(9.3) Review of Closed Session Minutes


(10) Approval of Closed Session Items:

– (10.1) Personnel

– (10.2) Closed Session Minutes

(11) Approval of Superintendent’s Contract

(12) Board Correspondence

(13) Items Brought by Board Members or Superintendent for Consideration/Discussion

(14) Adjourn

Received from:

Diane C. LeFiles
Community Relations Director
Edgecombe County Public Schools
412 Pearl Street or P.O. Box 7128
Tarboro, North Carolina 27886
Office 252-641-2651
Cell 252-903-0244

Note: Finally after years of asking for the agenda I am finally receiving it. A little late 2 months after my last request and the day of the meeting.

From The Publisher – President Obama, They Want Him To Fail Because . . .

if he succeed this will confirm that a black man can not only be President but be successful at it. This will open the door for other blacks to run for office in the future without feeling doubtful. However in my opinion our President has already succeeded because he has not stooped to “their” level. He is so cool, calm and collected. Wow!!

These folks tickles the hell out of me talking about they are scared of what is going to happen while our President is in office as it relates to his vision.

I don’t give a damn about what anyone says, these folks are scared of our President because he is an intelligent black man. They will never support him.

But the sad part is some black folks are catching hell just because we have a black President as well. So it is not just about him but racism at it’s best.

Curmilus Dancy II
DCN Publisher

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President Obama Disrespected on the Floor – House votes to rebuke Rep. Wilson

They needed to do something. To disrespect the highest official in the USA and not be reprimanded would send the wrong message. However if this was during slavery time and a black man did this, hell he would have been or beaten almost to death. Oh well it appears there were some more options but they chose this so I will have to accept it since I don’t have a say.

So the vote shows that those other Republicans agreed with Wilson’s action and that is why he did what he did. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

House votes to rebuke Rep. Wilson

Bitterly divided over an accusatory outburst — "You lie" — lawmakers voted Tuesday to admonish one of their own for his jarring interruption of President Barack Obama. (Read More @ MSNBC)

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