From The Publisher – Some Folks Tell Me They Have Not Seen Me In The Newspaper Lately

Well my response to them is, the local newspapers The Daily Southerner nor The Rocky Mount Telegram will print my letters. I stopped sending letters to the editor sometime ago, but I decided a couple of days ago I would send one to see if they would print it. Waiting to see if they print this one.

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From The Publisher

Health Care Reform – Joe Wilson Voted to Provide Taxpayer Money for Illegal Immigrants’ Healthcare

Just because he is a black man. I have said it time and time again. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Joe Wilson Voted to Provide Taxpayer Money for Illegal Immigrants’ Healthcare By Donny Shaw 11 Sep 2009 On Wednesday night, Rep. Joe Wilson [R, SC-2], shouted "You lie!" at President Obama when he said that the healthcare bill would not cover illegal immigrants. (Read more @ Citizens For Legitimate Government)

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Health Care Reform

From The Publisher – My Spill On The Money Being Returned By Murdered or Missing Sister Group

People always tell me they enjoy reading the information that I share about what is going on locally and/or abroad. But they say what they like the most is that in red, my opinion.

Several people have asked me what did I think about the monies being returned that was donated by the Kefalas-Pinto Foundation in the tune of $10,000. Oops here it is. I was excited that the Foundation would donate this type of money and then was talking about donating another $10,000 for a reward. Hell resources locally could come together and do something like this but not. And now this past week I was upset about how things have turned out surrounding the donation. Hell I wish someone would donate to what I am trying to do because I have been spending my own money since the early 90’s trying to bring about awareness of what is going on in around us not only locally but abroad as well.

So now here is my spill and I am going to post it so people can read it and if a twist get put on it, so be it but it will be in print on my blog and on my Facebook.

First of all I had some mixed emotions about attended the first event that I attended, the candlelight vigil at Dr. MLK Park simply because of the sensitivity of the murdered/missing women involved. I attended the charity ride and since that time I have not attended any other events.

I have not been pleased with some of the things that have been taking place recently because I feel some things being said are uncalled for. I have heard some even Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight say that it is racial as it relates to the Rocky Mount Police Chief and the Edgecombe County Sheriff Sheriff because both men are black. Some say that if the women were white things would be different. I beg the difference. If the women were white and they were doing the same things the murdered/missing women were doing, I fell that if no one is talking then how can the Chief and the Sheriff solve the case without some leads.

Some say they want more national attention however I do not see that being a real issue. The issue for me is that those women who have been friends with the murdered/missing women who are living the same lives or has lived it, need to be the ones trying to help solve the case. I feel strong emphasis should be put on trying to reach those women who are still on the streets to drive home they could be the next victim. 

I seen it on Facebook a little over a week ago that the money was going to be returned but I had heard the MOMS group had given some money to the families last week. I said well they are going to send back what was left. However someone told me to read WRAL TV Website because it was there that the group said they were sending back the $10,000 donation. It looked like they were giving back every penny so I was wondering about the monies that had been dispersed if any had at all. And then I seen the article in the Rocky Telegram Murdered or Missing Sisters Group returns donation. but they had used some of the money for a back to school program.

I am having a hard time with the following, “Stephanie Jones, founder of Murdered or Missing Sisters, said a Telegram story about the donation led people to believe the money would be distributed to family members of the missing and dead women. That was not the intent, Jones said.” Jones was referring to a story published Aug. 27 in the Telegram as well.

Mrs. Jones as long as you know what the Kefalas-Pinto Foundation stated that it could be used for, it does not matter what others say. Whenever money is involved, that is going to create some discussion and many times it is not pretty but that is how it is and will continue to be how it is. Obviously you do not read the newspaper or watch tv because things get leaked all the time. Sometimes it can be a bad thing but many times it can be a good thing because it holds people accountable for their actions.

I noticed that Mrs. Jones was not quoted in the Aug. 27 article so I question was she at the table when the donation was given.

As I read the Rocky Mount Telegram article it says MOMS used some of the money donated for a back-to-school rally and planned to return the rest. So my question is did the families receive any of the donation?

Mrs. Jones you stated that the money was a distraction from the groups mission. Again money has been and always will be an issue but I repeat as long as it is used for the purpose that it was given, then it does not matter what others say.

I am having a hard time again trying to figure out the following, “Jones blamed local politics and “some city officials” who she believes leaked the donation to the media before MoMS had an opportunity to announce it. Nobody had accused Jones of pocketing the money, she said, but “a lot of people had been calling.”

First of all everything is political so politics is nothing new. Okay so if “some city officials” leaked the donation to the media before MOMS announced it, what is the big deal? This means that if the media knew about it before you contacted them, then as long as you told them what the donation was for at the time you did meet with them, then again what is the problem? Whenever money is involved, people are going to question it so again this is nothing new.

Since Pinto gave $10,000 to the group and set aside another $10,000 for a reward, I wonder what is going to happen now? Has the reward money been given and if so who has it?

I received a phone call on Friday night that MOMS were on the local cable tv station WHIG TV and they were discussing the donation being returned and talking about Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight being the one that leaked the donation.

I always try to research things and form my opinion from what I see and read. As I was writing this today Sunday, September 13, 2009 3:24 PM I visited WHIG TV website to see if I could see if the MOMS group was on the program however as soon as I clicked on the site I seen the billboard about the Missing or Murdered Sisters and “Watch M.O.M.S (Missing or Murdered Sisters) Each Thursday at 3:30 PM Live and Mondays at 6:00 PM on WHIG-TV.”

Herb Greenberg owner and Sandra Smith at  WHIG TV is two racist white folks that I know because I have had some personal dealings with them about videoing community and  governmental meetings and have watched how they have promoted racism. I used to get a lot of calls from people telling me about what was happening on their station during the day while I was at work.

Since WHIG TV has a problem with Rocky Mount Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell especially but not limited to, this thing with MOMS and the councilpersons give them another angle to try to get them removed from office. Okay damn I got distracted so I know what you mean Mrs. Jones about getting distracted. Just say WHIG TV and hell I get thrown way off.

I have received several emails about how to contact the MOMS group and one lady was from California. Although I told them they could just donate to any Wachovia Bank nationwide. The person from California wanted to make direct contact Mrs. Jones so I researched and found Mrs. Jones on Facebook and sent her a message forwarding the email that I had received. After making contact with Mrs. Jones and the person from California she emailed me back and said thank you for putting her in touch with MOMS.

Folks we have got to come together on issues and learn how to work together. This is a problem when we do not know each other and then we do not take time to get to know each other. I hope this will be a learning experience because this is a major community effort however I still say it is not a national effort.

So now my question is, what will happen now? I wonder how will the Kefalas-Pinto Foundation and other resources who may would want to donate in the future look at how all this is unfolding. I strongly feel that whatever the problem is that somebody should have gotten together and set down and talked about this before the donation was returned. I hate it got to this point but hopefully the distraction will be put to rest and the focus will be about solving the cases.

Curmilus Dancy II
DCN Publisher

Note: I know my spill will probably piss some folks off however I am doing what I have been doing since the early 90’s speaking truth to power. I have and will continue to challenge politicians, community leaders and others because I have paid my dues, been an involved active effective grassroots  negro. I am unbought and unbossed and not beholden to anyone. Yeah I have a few friends however I never will compromise truth with friendship. I will not do that when it comes to family either and my mom and I was an example of such when we used to work in the community together and sometimes we agreed and disagreed.

Comments will be accepted however I will not tolerate ignance.

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From The Publisher

NAACP – South Central Wake County NAACP Life Membership Gala October 24, 2009

Hello All:

Our Life Membership Gala will be Oct 24 ,2009 at Baptist Grove Church  on the corner of Lynn and Leesville Roads Raleigh, NC. The cost of tickets are $30.00 each. Ms Carolyn Q Coleman (National Board Member-2nd Vice President NC NAACP -Guilford Co Commission) will be our speaker this year. The hour of this event will be 6:00 PM.

Please contact me for tickets and ads.

J Ronald White, President
South Central Wake County NAACP

Racism – No More Code Words: Racism is Public Again

I have said this a many of times, these racist white guys are not going to support our President no matter what he does simply because he is a black man but it does not stop there, an intelligent black man.

Joe Wilson spoke for so many of them last week however they must show they can not support his ignance openly but behind closed doors can you imagine what they are saying. Well as long as they don’t allow their ignance to get in the way like Wilson did they can get by. I know that black folks say things behind closed doors and many of times I have gotten credit for repeating it. However what I have repeated has been for the good of all people. Not saying that some have said some ignant b.s. but you see I will not compromise my integrity by repeating that which I do not believe in. In other words I do not agree with all folks just because they are black but only if they are about what is right. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

No More Code Words: Racism is Public Again

Whatever you think of Maureen Dowd’s snarkiness, she cuts to the chase in her September 13th column about the racism behind the summer of bizarre rolling protests against Barack Obama: white racists will not accept a "black boy" as their boss, particularly one who is smarter than they are. (Buzz Flash)

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