Pinetops NC – Only one from Edgecombe among latest Hall of Fame inductees, Samuel A. Gilliam Principal

I was fortunate to be able to attend G. W. Carver Elementary School before he retired. He was a fair man and didn’t take any b.s. He was my kind of man. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Eight individuals will be inducted into the Twin County Hall of Fame on Thursday, Nov. 19.

This year’s inductees include business leaders, a nationally noted novelist, an Olympic athlete, an educator and two musicians, but no one from Tarboro and only one from Edgecombe County, Samuel Gilliam of Pinetops. (The Daily Southerner)

Rocky Mount NC – ‘Family Matters’ forum them

The eighth annual "Come Be Empowered: Family Matters" community forum will be Tuesday, Sept. 22 at the Edgecombe Community College campus in Rocky Mount.

Edgecombe County Clerk of Superior Court Carol Allen White, the event’s host, said some of the topics covered by the forum include the importance of how to protect your assets by estate planning; . . . (The Daily Southerner)

Girls Gone Wild vs. Virgins Till Marriage: Why Is Sexual Life in America So Schizoid? Politics?

See how politics is connected in this article. 

Their conclusion supports the absolutist agenda of the synergistic family values, traditional marriage and abstinence-only movements that push the conservative ideal of sex confined to a heteronormative lifetime of marital fidelity, to the exclusion of all other sexual expressions. But hawking sexual purity as a salve for personal ills and tonic for a stronger America amounts to selling snake oil. (AlterNet)

Speaking Truth To Power – The Afrikaaner Party Draws First Blood: Van Jones, Barack Obama and the Audacity of Capitulation

As always your writings are damn good and right on target. It is a damn shame that racist white folks are trying to make our President of these United States to be a thug or anything except the intelligent black man that he is.

I am waiting on the Democrats to use their power while they have it to push Health Care Reform and other issues. The Dems must stop waiting on these racist Republicans to vote along with them because it ain’t going to happen as long as the President stays black. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Van Jones, special advisor to the President’s Council on Environmental Quality, has resigned from the administration. To be honest, he was forced out. Oh, perhaps not directly, but if not, then by the stunning silence of his employer. An employer more concerned about appeasing the right-wing bullies who sought to make Jones a liability for him, than about standing up for a brilliant thinker on both economics and ecological issues, and confronting the conservative talk-show hosts who have libeled and slandered Jones (literally) over the past month.

The right has shown no shame in their relentless pursuit of Jones’s political scalp. They have fabricated from whole cloth details of his life, calling him a convicted felon and instigator of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. This, in spite of the fact that he has no criminal record whatsoever and wasn’t even in Los Angeles when those riots were happening. His arrest at that time was part of a sweep of dozens of peaceful marchers in San Francisco, involved in a protest at the time of the riots. He was released, charges were dropped, and he was paid damages by the city. This is not what happens to criminals, but rather, innocent people who have done nothing wrong. Jones should sue the living shit out of Beck, . . . (Read More @ Tim Wise)

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5 Reasons Why Van Jones and Progressives are Better Off With Jones Out of the White House

Washington DC – 5 Reasons Why Van Jones and Progressives are Better Off With Jones Out of the White House

The end of Van Jones’ brief career as a White House insider, in the semi-obscure position of special adviser for green jobs at the Council on Environmental Quality, is likely good for Van Jones and very good for progressives.

Yes, currently it seems as if Fox News’ Glenn Beck — who spent the past few weeks viciously smearing Jones — has won one. In fact, Beck has done Jones, and all of us, a mitzvah. (Alternet)

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Health Care That Works

Health care reform may be defeated this year in part because so many Americans believe the government can’t do anything right and fear that a doctor will come to resemble an I.R.S. agent with a scalpel. Yet the part of America’s health care system that consumers like best is the government-run part. (The New York Times)

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Rocky Mount NC – Purchase The Book God’s Soldier By The Late Great Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr.

I knew Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon on a personal note. I heard about the book a couple of days ago from a cousin who lives out of the state. We were on FaceBook and he asked me had I seen the book. I said no but I would be purchasing one. My cous said it was a tell all. I know the Rev. had something to tell because he had something to deal with. I know there was more he wanted to do in the Pinetops Community when he was the Pastor of Pines Chapel Missionary Baptist Church but he didn’t have the support that he needed from several key players. Because he didn’t live in Pinetops I truly feel he didn’t want to move without having the support he needed from those who lived there or close by and should have been helping him make some things happen. Whatever I requested of him as it related to community activities, he was always ready and willing. When I think about the Rev. I am reminded of the song, “I Won’t Have To Cry No More.” Sleep on my brother. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

The Book

God’s Soldier by Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr. The Reverend Dr. Butler McKinnon Jr. was born on September 14, 1946 to Butler McKinnon Sr. and Magnolia Hines McKinnon in Edgecombe County, North Carolina. …;

God’s Soldier by Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr. Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr. bares his heart and soul in his upcoming book, God’s Soldier. Born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, to Butler McKinnon, …;

Show more results from;
God’s Soldier : Xlibris Bookstore God’s Soldier. Being Strong in the Grace of Christ. God’s Soldier By: Rev. Dr. Butler McKinnon, Jr. ISBN: 1-4415-4884-X (Trade Paperback 6×9) …;

Greenville NC – Minnie Anderson Is The First Woman To Run For Mayor Of Pitt County

Minnie Anderson of Greenville is running for Mayor of Greenville. She will be the first woman to ever run for this office. She is running on the theme, “LEADERSHIP FOR ALL.” 

Ms Minnie is a retired educator and businesswoman.  She has been on many boards and commissions over the last ten years. She was the first Chairperson of The Redevelopment Commission.  Under her leadership, that is great revitalization  to West Greenville and Center City. They started to get rid of the blight and built new homes, remodeled others and continue to make improvements to the streets. She is an author and inventor. 

"Ms Minnie" as she is so affectionately called is a radio talk show host and have started a program, Community Connections, that help those that are down on their luck or anyone that needs help.  She takes that program to the Joy Soup Kitchen every Monday morning.  She, along with Barbara Taft, that is the owner of the Soup Kitchen that feed them, Ms Minnie help with referrals, with help from Pitt Community College and the Brienstein Center help to send the people to doctor visits, get jobs, GED, clothing and other needs. It has been an on going program for about eight years.

We fully believe "Ms Minnie" will be  the Mayor that will help ALL the people of Greenville.  Therefore, we would certainly recommend her as Mayor of Greenville.

Note: Forwarded per friends of Ms Minnie for Mayor of Pitt County.