From The Publisher – Recently Because Of Certain Things, I Am Taking My Community Activism More Seriously As The Days Go By

I have been a community activist since the early 90’s and I have grown over the years.  I consider myself an effective grassroots community activist. I have taken politics seriously over the years and as the days go by I am beginning to be more serious. I actually will say I trained myself because I didn’t like what I was seeing in the community especially dealing with the old guards whom many are still in the way today. 

As I continue to follow issues, events and etc. that are going on locally and abroad either via media outlets and/or having conversations with folks, I am real concerned about the what I feel are misleading messages that are being sent.

After continuing to read about Health Care Reform and listening to the racist protesters mislead others about the facts I get pissed. After attending a Health Care Reform Meeting (Congressman Butterfield Dispels Rumors About Health Care Reform) in Rocky Mount recently, I have a whole new perspective about why it is good for America.

After continuing to read about the Rocky Mount High Utilities, some folks in my opinion are misleading folks about what they feel should be workable to take the burden off the citizens.

After continuing to read about the murdered/missing women in Rocky Mount I find some comments even from the black community to be unreasonable and unjust.

I have not posted hardly anything on the Rocky Mount Telegram lately because the comments in my opinion are racist and some are just too misleading.

I have decided that I will begin to voice my opinion about the above issues but not limited to because I can’t take anymore. I will not sit back and allow what I feel is misleading comments and not give my opinion. I know when I do this there are going to be some folks who will be pissed off however they will be alright. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein

Recently I posted the following link: The Time Has Come That I Must Do What I Have To Do Without Any Regrets. It do not cost me much to stay home and monitor the media so while I am cutting back from going certain places, I will be spending more time following the media reports and responding to the people whom I have discussion with about issues.

Curmilus Dancy II
DCN Publisher

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One thought on “From The Publisher – Recently Because Of Certain Things, I Am Taking My Community Activism More Seriously As The Days Go By

  1. I feelya…. I hope whoever bought out the Telegram goes about cleaning it up. The comment section is beyond anything I’ve come across on online papers…. Seriously… It’s the worst I’ve seen by a long azz mile. If nothing else it’s undermining the efforts of the Police Dept.’s. You’re right… people hide behind the it’s “Free Speech” idea, but damn… enough is enough already. At least Andre Knight is at least trying to get the word out about these murders, instead of hiding behind a screen name 24 hours a day lying/misleading people. That’s why I don’t post on there anymore…. Its ridiculous. As far as healthcare goes…. something does need to be done. Both sides need to come together and quit the petty bickering. In the early 90’s if wasn’t for people like Michael Jordan, who set up a McDonalds House in Greenville, a family member of mine would of been screwed. At least she had a place to stay for free while she got her treatments….. People can’t afford to get sick now-a-days. I have life insurance… I told my wife if I ever do get sick to just let me die…. That way my kiddies will have something to get them started in my life. Good post…. Exwife, but the kiddies will get the benefits.


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