Religion – Dr. Betty Price Talks Religion and Infidelity in New Book ‘Warning to Ministers, Their Wives and Their Mistresses’

This is so sad. Men of the cloth. Money, sex and drugs can take control of a weak man. You would think since they got religion they would be strong. But the question of the day is, “have they really got religion?” C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

It was 20 years ago when I started receiving letters from women of various churches who were having illicit affairs with powerful married ministers. I was flabbergasted. Was this really happening in the church? I asked myself. Then my phone began ringing off the hook. I couldn’t understand why these women were reaching out to me. I think it was because they saw my husband, Dr. Fred K. Price, and his televised preachings and were captivated by his message. (Essence)

Employment – Blueprint NC Director opening

Hi Friends!

If you know good people with a background in nonprofit administration, statewide policies, issue campaigns, political campaigns and/or fundraising who are energetic, excellent managers of independent staff and can lead a progressive collaborative campaign in North Carolina through a lens of anti-oppression and inclusivity, please encourage them to submit a cover letter, resume and three page writing sample to Debra Tyler-Horton at  Please share this email with your networks.  The official job announcement is posted at

Charmaine Fuller Cooper, Executive Director
Carolina Justice Policy Center
Blueprint NC Steering/Transition Team member

Raleigh NC – Message With Racial Slur Played For Council

Caught on tape and realized what he had done but tried to put it on someone else but later admitted he was the one. Damn. To say he was from the city and then to use this type of language is just too damn bold. This is just too sad however this is real life and it goes on all the time. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Calla and Gerald Wright came to City Council Tuesday evening armed with concerns, but also their tape recorder, and played a phone message they received from a City employee that included a racial slur.

"I’d like to warn you it is profane, and it is obscene," Calla Wright began. (NBC17)