From The Publisher – Self Pity Stories?

A Political Agitator follower posted the following: “You are full of self pity stories lately” in response to my post, “A Message to My Brothers, Do Your Part Pay Your Child Support: In re Nashonda Lavette Dancy Born Said Child to Joyce Ann Thigpen (Sherrod) and Curmilus Dancy II where I shared a real life story. I did not approve the comment because I truly feel that this poster continues to post comments on my blog using different code names.

Folks please keep in mind I am in control of this blog and I approve and/or delete your comments so know that you will not just post your ignance wasting my time.

I would like to say that I am not full of self pity and chose not to post certain things about real life issues until a certain time. My baby girl first oldest daughter is 22 years old now so if she should read this, she is old enough to handle it.

I decided to share my story now because I know of guys who are going through issues with their baby moma.

I stated a couple of weeks ago that I would be changing the way I do things. I also said if I can help somebody because I am my brother’s keeper. I know there are some brothers who have a similar story and my story may encourage them.

Curmilus Dancy II
DCN Publisher

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2 thoughts on “From The Publisher – Self Pity Stories?

  1. I just got in Dancy and was checking your blog out tonight… I swear to God…. You know more information on Nash/Edgecombe County and have it on 1 site, than anybody I know. You should write a book and see about getting it published… I know I’d buy a copy.


  2. I’m going to pay for staying up this late tomorrow thats for damn sure…. oh well…. Dogs wouldn’t quit barking. I don’t know how in the hell someone could gather that the article you posted is about self-pity. It’s more like a reflection on growing up in Eastern North Carolina and putting up with ignance as you say. I am glad to see Sheriff Knight and the Edgecombe Sheriff’s Dept. making headway in this serial killer mess, I think calling in the S.B.I. was the right move…. If it’s like here they’re are slashing the budget and everyone’s paying for it, including local Police Dept. Thinking about that other blog…. Not only do we have the Z28 in common but my 1st wifey and I got married in Craven County by a magistrate…. Didn’t matter…. I loved her, still do. Girls in college huh??? Had a relative that went to ECU and done some interning all over the place…. Elizabeth City, Hertford, Roanoke Rapids, Ashoskie, all over the place…. Perqumens County. She’s in a damn good college anyways…. I can’t wait to see college football start… best time of the year if you ask me. Had to take the girls to New Bern today for a checkup…. everything turned out great. I know this is changing subjects but its late and my brain is tired…. Do you guys have something called SPEC in the Rocky Mount area??? It’s a pre-school for kids to get them ready for school…. It’s a good school… Nash and Edgecombe could probably benefit from it, every County for that matter. It’s so popular around here that there’s a long waiting list to get in, but it’s well worth it. Maybe the military will think about building that Outlining Landing Field in your neck of the woods Dancy….. It was voted on around here but voted down. You talk about 10’s of 1000’s of well paying jobs… whoever gets the contract would damn sure be in luck. You ought to look into Dancy… Talk with the Council memebers and such… It would solve alot of economic problems in your area… Alot. The military the last I heard was looking to build it somewhere between Carteret County and Norfolk Virginia…. Nash and Edgecombe would be a perfect location. A place to service jets like the F-18 Hornets…. You probably know all about this seeing how you work at HoneyWell. It would still be worth looking into…. Sorry, I was bored and needed to let the dogs out and have a smoke.


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