Raleigh NC – Audit: Mary Easley highly overpaid

Hell this is nothing new. There are many others who have been overpaid over the years. There are some who continues to be overpaid. This is what happens when some folks are in charge and they allow politics to become an evil. I always thought it was suppose to be about helping others who are in need and not the greedy. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Audit: Mary Easley highly overpaid

The $170,000 salary that N.C. State University paid former state first lady Mary Easley until it fired her this summer was $91,000 too high, according to a never-completed — and much speculated-upon — state audit. (The News & Observer)



2 thoughts on “Raleigh NC – Audit: Mary Easley highly overpaid

  1. If its not 1 political side its the other…. It happens every single time. If ALL PEOPLE demanded accountability this kind of corruption would stop and ALL PEOPLE would be better off. There’s a line in a song I like Dancy, it goes … “How can we fail???” “With all that is given.” I did see where somebody said Mike Easley was from Rocky Mount… Didn’t know that, that’s if its true.


    • But it do not have to be that way. You would think that they would be fighting to be the best they can be instead of trying to see who can be the worst. Oh well some say that’s politics but I say it is ignance.


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