From the Publisher – The Time Has Come That I Must Do What I Have To Do Without Any Regrets

The time has come that I must do what I have to do and that is to cut back. At a time when big and small corporations are cutting back, I find that I must do the same. I have been giving back to the community faithfully since the early 90’s using my personal finances trying to be an effective grassroots activist. It takes financial resources to be a true activist.

I have spent countless hours researching and gathering data and also attending meetings across the county and state capturing history trying to educate my people. I have captured much data on video and have 1000’s of photos.

I have promoted others in the political arena as I have served in the county Democratic Party, the local and state NAACP among other organizations.

Some folks have asked me when I was going to run an office but my problem have been that I am not in a financial position to run for an office so therefore I have chosen to help others whom I felt would represent me and others well. However I have been hoping that the day would come when I could attempt to run for an office however the timing has not been right.

I have been married for the past 12 years and I have been the bread winner for a family of 5 until my child support stopped for my oldest child around 5 years ago. I have worked a lot of overtime up until about 3 years ago so I was able to keeping  my head bearly above water. Now I am at the point where I am not bringing in as much as I am spending which is only including the necessities such rent, light bill, phone bills, food, clothing, school lunch, gas, medical, medicine, insurances which include life, home and auto. My auto double when my daughter got her license a little over a year ago. My daughter just began her freshman year in college and my son just began the 6th grade.

I am announcing without any regrets that I am going to limit my work for the next two months as it relates to Dancy Communications Network while I concentrate on my personal finances. However I will continue to support certain people when called upon whereby The DCN can be an asset to educating the people about certain issues such as health care and etc.

I will continue to publish articles by my columnist as well William Reed and Richard H. Parker Jr. Please know that I am not going completely away.

I want to thank all of my true supporters over the years and know that I will be back to full speed as I look forward to continuing my mission.


DCN Inspiration Award – Thank You Mr. Richard H. Parker Jr. For Your Wisdom And Loyal Support Since Getting To Know You On A Personal Note Just A Couple Of Months Ago

Thank you Mr. Parker for your loyal support to The DCN. I have always followed your writings in the local newspaper and I have always said I wish I could write like that elderly gentlemen.

Mr. Parker you have been an inspiration to me over the last couple of months and that has really meant a lot to me. I have always liked being around elderly folks with such wisdom. You have respected me as a younger man as you have observed my mission. You are always sending me a complimentary note and/or responding to the things I post on my blog.

Recently we joined forces to work on an ongoing project that I look forward to because it deals with our children and families.

I was honored when I asked you to share your writings with those who read my blog and you accepted. I have learned so much from your writings and I thank you for being an inspiration to The DCN.


Tarboro NC – THE OLD SOUTH AND NEW SOUTH (A Conversation) BY Richard H. Parker Jr. Columnist

After generation on generation of idleness, the “royals” could not even set a decent table. There weren’t even any jails to speak of. “Royals” didn’t lock up “royals”.  If slaves did something wrong they were punished by overseers. Sometimes the sadistic plantation owners would do the punishing. “Low-lifed” Whites were not excused . There was just no need for jails. If there was a dispute between “royals” they settled it like gentlemen.

Fast-backward to before the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln was already planning Reconstruction before the Civil War started. He knew the “royals” didn’t know how to close the barn door even after the horses were gone. This was the last nation that hadn’t yet abolished importation of slave labor. The South was totally dependant on slave labor, and Lincoln was well aware of it. So it was simple: free the slaves and kill two birds with one stone.

Fast-forward. By Executive order then, Lincoln instituted the one tactic that hastened the end of the Civil War. Unfortunately it ended too soon. Since there were many parts of the South that were never over-run by Union soldiers, slavery was not completely ended. The Emancipation Proclamation applied only to territories occupied by Union soldiers. Many slaves escaped to Union occupied territory  and thus to freedom. Most of them didn’t.

After the Civil War it was relatively easy for the Republican (Union) armies to control the cities of the South that had been captured. It was also relatively easy to occupy cities that had not seen battle, due to some few Democrats in the South who were “loyal” to the Republican North. It was a different story in the countryside. Southern Whites(they called themselves “royals” because they felt themselves so far superior that “White” did not fully do them justice)were extremely angry and frightened of the prospect of having to work with their own hands to make a living. They just didn’t know how to do anything. House (N-word) had to work 7 days a week, sometimes as much as 20 hours a day. (N-word) labor worked sunup to sundown until they could no longer see. But they were off on Sunday until sundown. During harvest time if one would slow down due to sickness, etc., they were beaten until they either got up or passed out, “as an example”.  White folks knew work when they saw it, so they got busy. They formed GANGS, like the KKK, and roamed the countryside. NOT the cities where the Feds were. They would terrorize groups of freedmen and ex-slaves. They would ambush Union army patrols and kill them all. They would kill government agents, no matter their race. They would lynch “loyal” Democrats. They would kidnap freed slaves, take them back to “friendly” territory and sell them back into slavery, in order to raise cash. Remember, slaves could no longer be imported into the Republic. And remember, there were no jails to speak of. But slave breeders-traders and plantation owners had a plenty of facilities in which to detain slaves. Since it was so dangerous for “loyal” Democrats and government agents and regulators to roam the rural areas, the federals stayed away from them. It left former slaves without any protection. The time was right for slavery to be reborn.

From 1800 to 1866 the “Black Codes” were in effect. They were now really enforced. “If Black Stay Back” was the battle cry. Indiana and Illinois would not let Blacks into their states from 1848 to 1853. From 1876 to 1965 Jim Crow laws were in effect (Separate but Equal). In 1866 the Republicans took over the South and ended the “Black Codes”.  However Jim Crow stayed around.

Disturbing the Peace(whatever that means). Vagrancy and Loitering. Loud talking. Selling whiskey. Cursing in public. “Threatening” a White person. Walking down a lonely country road without identification. Changing jobs without written permission from your former employer, and no papers from your new employer. All of the above are violations of the then penal code set up to “control” the unruly former slaves. Whites need not have been concerned.  You see, the 13th Amendment says slavery was abolished and Involuntary Servitude was banished EXCEPT as punishment connected with a prison sentence! You know, hard labor. Involuntary Servitude: making people work without compensation, under threat of punishment of some kind. Like the threat of losing your job if you don`t work. So all the deep South had to do was set up a “legal” system tailored to ex-slaves and they would be back in business. 

Here`s how the system worked. You are a freed slave. You are walking down Main Street looking for work. A policeman comes up and asks to see your paperwork. You have none because you are temporarily out of work. You are arrested and hauled before a justice of the peace. He listens to the police story but you are not allowed to speak. You are found guilty, fined $3.00 for police services, $5.00 for jop services, $10.00 for jailhousing, and $20.00 for vagrancy. You have no money and the jop counted on it. So the jop sells you to a mining company for fines and court “costs”. The mining company takes you away and you are never heard from again. Transaction papers always had a habit of getting “lost”. In the mines your life expectancy was 3 years if you were healthy. A little longer elsewhere. It was general practice to be as cruel as possible in order to strike fear into slaves of the “new era of slavery”. It was so hard to get good slaves anymore. So they had to be tightly controlled. Even the poor White indentured “prisoners” were whipped and lynched. They weren’t called slaves anymore. They all were called “prisoners”. You gotta remember, the 13th Amendment was adopted before the southern states were readmitted to the Union. Federal control ended in the South with the Compromise of 1877 and the collapse of the governments of the last 3 southern Republican states. The Democrats then dominated the South and Jim Crow came into full bloom. Right on into the 20th Century.

Prisons.  They were built in ernest when the “law” got into the slave trade business. The “law” acted as procurer and middle man. Slave breeding took off and became really big business. It got so bad that the “law” would pick up ex-slaves for no reason, charge them with anything and sell them off. Always for non-payment of fines, too high for anyone to pay. Some slave buyers would be in the courtroom to bargain for slaves if the slave had been sold “under contract” BEFORE he was found guilty. Most contract sales were in lots numbering in the hundreds, and made to mines, lumber camps and railroads construction. You see, the South was trying to become industrialized.

Thus, more and bigger jails and prisons. TODAY, you ask? Contract prisons are a multi-billion dollar industry. Government at all levels contract with them to house prisoners. Innocents are sent to prison even today, to rot in a hell on earth. Abuses abound and nobody pays. Who is being locked up most? Black males. On big, trumped up charges. With the book thrown at them. It was not until 1965 that Jim Crow finally began a slow death. Separate-but-Equal laws began to disappear.

When I was 15 years old in 1945, I was required to get a Social Security card and get it signed by my White employer. This was to keep me from being picked up for vagrancy. Mr. D. Edgar Thompson signed it. My father and I worked for him. He eventually sold his business to my father in 1953. What irony. And right here in Tarboro NC .  Freedom? To what degree do you expect it? And in what form? I have been and always will be working for EQUALITY, at the greatest degree possible under the circumstances. I am convinced there is no right and wrong, only Best and Worst. Between best and worst there is lots of room for movement. For many people it is hard to decide what is right and what is wrong.

One more note. If anyone wants to argue the legitimacy of the 1st Amendment, the Supreme Court has ruled that the 14th Amendment effectively  plugs any holes in the 1st Amendment. So, go ahead and speak your piece or peace. Go ahead and assemble peaceably and petition anywhere you want. And demand answers. You MUST be heard.

The NEW SOUTH? You take it from here.

We’ll talk again soon.

Richard H. Parker Jr.
Tarboro NC

Tarboro NC – The Obituary Mother Florence Thorpe Arnold mother of Dr. Florence A. Armstrong And Siblings

clip_image002Florence Thorpe Arnold

Funeral services will be 1 p.m. Saturday, and a wake will be 7 p.m. Friday, both held at St. Paul Baptist Church in Tarboro.

Florence Thorpe Arnold, a daughter of slaves, departed this life early Friday morning, August 21, 2009, at Albert Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She was born January 6, 1912 to Preston Henry and Florence Dozier Thorpe who were freed slaves. She was preceded in death by her beloved husband, parents, and nine siblings. As a child she was fascinated with books, poetry, and oratory. She loved to recite the poems, artfully, of Paul Laurence Dunbar and Langston Hughes.

She attended and graduated from Tarboro Colored High School in the class of 1929 and, until now, was the oldest graduate of the School. A Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education was awarded to her by North Carolina College for Coloreds (North Carolina Central University). Further study was done at Elizabeth City State University and East Carolina University.

She dedicated forty-two years to the boys and girls of Edgecombe County as a public school teacher. The schools in which she taught included Hickory View Rosenwald, G. W. Carver, White’s Chapel Rosenwald, Mayo, and Coker Rosenwald. In later years, she and her beloved sister Susie closed out their careers at the same school, Roberson Elementary School.

Church work included serving as Mother of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, St. Paul Sunday School, Financial Secretary of St. Paul for over 40 years, President of the Thrift Club, Baptist Training Union, and President of the Women’s Auxiliary of the Old Eastern Missionary Baptist Association for over 50 years. Additionally, for many years until her health declined, she transported local rest-home residents to community churches.

Florence was joined in holy matrimony August 19, 1945, to the late William Parks Arnold. To this union three children were born: two daughters, Dr. Florence A. Armstrong (her husband, Alvis) of Tarboro and Daaiyah Iqbal of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and one son, William Dennis Arnold (his wife, Lorraine) of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also surviving are four grand children: Dr. Don Michael Armstrong (his wife, Dena) of Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Zakiah Iqbal of Sanford, Florida; Adolphus Jamal Arnold of Lincoln, Nebraska; and Hadiyah Iqbal of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also leaves three great grandchildren to cherish her memory: Jibril Pickett, Daryn Armstrong, and Devin Michael Armstrong; nieces and nephews; and numerous relatives and friends.

The family will receive friends at 913 Lloyd Street, Tarboro, NC.

Note: My dad has always talked about this pioneer being his first teacher. Some years ago I got to meet Mother Arnold and even in her elder years she still had much wisdom. It is a blessing to have known her. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Rocky Mount NC – Reward offered for tip leading to arrest

Now this is what I am talking about. There are so many folks who are financially able to do things like this however they choose not to get involved. I want to personally thank Mr. Pinto for being so generous. C. Dancy II DCN Publisher

A New Jersey-based charity is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest in the murders of five Rocky Mount women.

Peter Pinto of the Kefalas-Pinto Foundation also made a $10,000 donation to a community group working to raise awareness about the string of murders that date back to 2005, Pinto’s attorney Anthony Pantano said. (The Rocky Mount Telegram)

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Murdered/Missing Women in Rocky Mount NC


Speaking Truth To Power – PUMP UP THE VOLUME! by William Reed Columnist

Evidence of Black political and economic empowerment is mixed.  On political empowerment, Blacks now hold high rankings in Congress, but their impact for Blacks in general is negligible.  The economic empowerment is represented by Cathy Hughes, founder and chair of Radio One, Inc.  And the battle has been drawn, Hughes, and cast, at Radio One is waging a war against targeted members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is worth note.

As Black Members have risen in seniority and status on Capitol Hill there has been a contrasting chorus accusing them of “not being accountable” to Blacks.  Cathy Hughes is upset that Black radio properties are “in jeopardy, at the hands of a Black man”.  That Black man is John Conyers; the 80 year old Detroit Congressman and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  The longest-serving African American in the history of the House is a jazz aficionado.  Conyers developed an interest in jazz as a teenager in Detroit and played trumpet.  In 2007, Conyers introduced the Performance Rights Act, the focus of Ms. Hughes’ ire.  The Chairlady of the nation’s largest chain of Black radio stations alleges that Conyers’ bill, H.R. 848, will cost her money.

Under current law, stations only pay copyright royalties to artists who compose hit songs, not those who perform them.  Station owners say a law requiring them to pay additional royalties would bankrupt them.  Recording artists get money for concerts and make money selling downloads or CD’s. But they don’t get a cent when their songs play on the radio.  That money goes to the people who write and publish the songs.  Radio stations say if they had to “pay out to play out” they might go out of business.

On the national stage is a clash of Black political and economic Titans.  Radio One controls a host of airwaves in Districts where Black Members of Congress reside and has the clout to attack their legislation actions in ways never before.  How many times have you heard adverts on Radio One stations propagating that the legislation is a "performance tax" that is going to destroy Black Radio?  Hughes has the power to put a legislative issue that normally would have escaped public attention on the minds of millions.   Some will argue whether the issue is a legitimate “Black Concern,” the battle has brought about a new dimension that could work against lawmakers used to easy reelections.  Hughes’ ads have targeted a number of Black lawmakers and even most questioned the integrity of Chairman Conyers.  The fight has divided the civil rights community, with the NAACP and the League of United Latin American Citizens supporting Conyers while Blacks such as Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson line up with Hughes, Radio One and other Black-owned stations.  Radio One Radio One operates stations in or near the Districts of Reps. Sheila Jackson-Lee (Houston); Mel Watt (Charlotte.); Hank Johnson (Atlanta); and Robert "Bobby" Scott (Richmond/Tidewater, Va.) and aired ads criticizing them.

While the whole of Black America may not see Performance Act legislation impacting their personal plight(s), the issue and Hughes’ practices could make major impact on the national Black political landscape.  The barrage Hughes has wrought has begun to take a toll on Black long-time lawmakers accustomed to cruising to reelections.  In chiding CBC Members that support Conyers’ legislation Hughes says: "All five of these Black elected officials continue to ignore the imminent danger to Black media ownership".  Criticizing Jackson-Lee for claiming that Conyers’s bill would not force any Black-owned stations out of business, Hughes says, "How could she possibly know anything about what it takes or doesn’t take to operate a broadcast facility?”

Radio One owns and/or operates 53 radio stations located in 16 urban markets and has interests in TV One, LLC, a cable/satellite network; and Reach Media, Inc., owner of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and businesses associated with Tom Joyner.  As Congress returns to sessions, Ms. Hughes is encouraged to pump up the volume to defeat H.R. 848.  It’s a brand of political activism others should well follow.

(William Reed –

DCN Inspiration Award – Thank You George Fisher For Your Friendship And Contribution To The DCN

About two years ago George Fisher found me on the internet and he contacted me. He said he and some friends were concerned about what was going on in Rocky Mount with race relations and how it appeared some in the white community were treating Councilmen Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell unfairly. He and a couple of his white friends wanted to meet with me however I kept stalling. I don’t just meet with anyone until I feel good about it.

I finally committed to meeting with them one night however I had a banquet on that same night. When I arrived at the meeting place, they were coming out of the restaurant. We talked in the parking lot for a short time talking about what was going on in Rocky Mount and how I was addressing issues and educating folks via my blog and The Rocky Mount Telegram posting my comments and audio post. We talked about me doing a talk show on a local tv station. I had explained to them that I had had a radio talk show a couple of years ago. I told them I didn’t know about the tv thingy.

About two weeks later George called me and he told me that he was going to begin a talk show and asked me to be his co-host. I said that was fine but I believe that I needed to have my own show so that my followers in the black community would feel more comfortable. He said no problem he will make it happen. George’s show was on Monday nights and my show was on Wednesdays. George decided to shut his show down and be my co-host for a short-time until Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight became my co-host. The show went extremely well until there was a shake up at the tv station. My ratings were damn good just like my ratings are on my blog  were then and now.

After I stopped doing the talk show, I was ready to take a break from doing what I love trying to make an impact in the thinking of the people throughout Eastern North Carolina & abroad via internet, newsletter, public forums, radio, tv and video which equals empowering the people from a grassroots perspective.

George said he was going to create me a talk show over the internet somehow. And he did. But before that he had re-done my blog which is a lot more user friendly and much cheaper than the previous ones I had. He has also turned me on to some great tools that help me to enhance my blog such as The DCN TV and several other internet tools.

George and I have been working together closely for about two years now and he has been a true and loyal supporter of The DCN. Because of him I have been able to take The DCN to a new level. I told him that he gave me a new toy to play with when he enhanced my blog especially when he added the tv. Because of George I have been able to provide meetings/events to those who visit my blog via The DCN TV.

The format you see when you visit Dancy Communications Blog and the videos on The DCN TV was produced especially for me by my friend and brother George Fisher. I have not had anyone to invest in The DCN like this brother. If I had the financial resources I could take The DCN to another level.

Thank you George and one day I will return the favor because you have been an inspiration to me.

Curmilus Dancy II
DCN Publisher