Letter to Editor: Merit Made Laws

Merit Made Laws

     We hear about federal legislation being interfered with by lobbies and it brings home what is happening in our state.  With matters close to heart involving private property and integrity of elected officials to choose right in North Carolina, many are watching and praying.

     On the federal front is healthcare.  In North Carolina, the state is not serious about changing the 1959 annexation laws.  House Bill 524 that passed the house is still in limbo since the senate was preoccupied with the budget last session.  Perhaps the tax plan which could require a special session will make time for annexation. My concern is for people having budget problems, yet legislators do not notice that forced-annexation means double taxing them.

     The League Of Cities, the N.C. Builders Assoc., and the Chamber of Commerce fight to keep the 4.5 million people who do not live in cities, from getting to vote about being annexed. The N.C. Association of Counties, NCACC, has not spoken in their behalf with any annexation bill this decade. 

      Maybe legislation should not be determined by  lobbies.

Julie Perkins
Tryon, N.C.

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