Greenville NC – Lea Aden, Esq. From The U.N.C. Center for Civil Rights Will Be A Guest Speaker At The Pitt County Coalition for Educating Black Children Meeting


The Pitt County Coalition for Educating Black Children will meet on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at the C.M. Epps Recreation Center, 400 Nash Street, Greenville, North Carolina. YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND. Our guest will include Lea Aden, Esq. from the U.N.C. Center for Civil Rights who serves as one of the lawyers representing the Coalition in the Pitt County Schools litigation. The Agenda will include a community update on the status of the litigation and a discussion of emerging issues in Pitt County School reform. Please consider the following facts:

· The mean SAT scores for Black students in Pitt County are about 200 points below White students, and about 100 points below Hispanic students.

· About 25.7 percent of Black students in Pitt County pass both reading and math end of grade test as compare to 67.3 percent for White student in grades 3-8.

· Statistical trends indicate that Black students in Pitt County lag behind the state average for other Black students while Pitt County Schools demonstrate progress in improving test scores of the White and Hispanic groups but not Black students.

· About 62 percent of Pitt County drop outs are Black as compare to 31 percent for Whites, and 5 percent for Hispanics.

· Of a total of 9,275 short term suspensions about 79 percent were of Black students (about 54 percent of all suspensions were of Black males), 14 percent were of White students, and about 4 percent were Hispanic students.

· Only about 267 reportable offenses occurred in Pitt County Schools, including 128 in high schools, while there were about 9,275 suspensions (with 79 percent being Black students).

· Black students are more likely to receive an inferior quality of education, drop out, or get suspended for minor infractions that are subjectively determined by mostly White middle class female teachers.

About 55 years after Brown vs. Board of Education, and about 38 years after Teel vs. Pitt County Schools, Black students in Pitt County Schools still do not receive and equal education. Pitt County Schools recently acknowledged that Pitt County Schools have not eliminated all vestiges of de jure racial segregation. As a consequence our children’s futures are being destroyed.

There is a crisis in education for Black children in Pitt County Schools. We need your interest, support, and participation. Please join us on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at the C.M. Epps Recreation Center.


Rev. Ozie Lee Hall, Jr., President

Pitt County Coalition for Educating Black Children

Rocky Mount NC – Organizers tie hope for solving case to media

I feel strongly that it is going to take the women on the streets past and present who were/is involved in the type of activity that the murdered/missing women associated with to break this story. The living women must tell all that they know and hopefully the authorities can make some progress.

Now to my opinion about the news coverage or the lack of. I had not said much about the case until recently after attending the candlelight vigil and the charity ride.

I support the efforts of those who want to bring about awareness and that is great however I feel they should let that be the main thing.

The case with the Georgia woman the boyfriend reported it and somewhat gave some details however this is not the case in Rocky Mount because nobody has talked and lots of time has lapsed since the women were reported missing.

The women from Rocky Mount were found in the field and nobody knows how long they had been there. The weather, animals and etc. took a toll on the women so therefore it is my opinion that there is no evidence nor DNA available.

Anyone that knows me know I have no problem with talking about race. Since I do not know if the persons responsible for the murdered/missing women are black, brown, white, male, female or other, so I can’t bring race into the picture. I can say that all of the murdered/missing women in question are black.

I will not get into the lifestyles of the murdered/missing women because taking a person’s life is just not right.

Now I will bring race into the picture on the following note. The Rocky Mount Police Chief is black along with the Sheriff of Edgecombe County so therefore they have got to go above and beyond to deal with this issue and can in no ways take this issue lightly. I trust that they are doing all they can to the best of their ability to bring some closure to this issue. I know both the Chief and the Sheriff personally and I feel good about the two of them doing their best.

I challenge those who are concerned to yes keep the awareness alive however I say do not damage a good thing that you are doing by not staying focus on the main thing. The main thing should be trying to convince the friends of the murdered/missing women who are left behind to share what they know with law enforcement and trying to get them to come off the streets. If you can accomplish this you will have completed your mission.

I must leave the following question with those who are concerned. Is what you are saying and/or doing really relevant to helping to solve the case or is it only putting you in the spotlight? I don’t mean that you are saying and doing what you do in the media intentionally to put yourself in the spotlight but at the end of the day is that really all that is happening?

Organizers tie hope for solving case to media

A group of community organizers hopes to keep the attention of national media focused on Rocky Mount and a string of local murders that some believe are the work of a serial killer.

At least five Rocky Mount women, all black, have been abducted, killed and abandoned in the woods since 2005, and three other women are missing. Investigators believe the homicides, as well as the murder of a sixth woman yet to be identified, might be linked. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

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