Hospital chiefs share concerns with health care reform

That makes sense not to commit when all the facts are not in. These guys are smart. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Chief executive officers of area hospitals are concerned critical federal funding sources for their facilities will be siphoned away to finance a universal health care plan being debated in Congress. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

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Politics and Blacks – Interesting

This is quite interesting and is some good talking points. I would love to have a dialogue about this because I found this since writing my piece earlier about Edgecombe County Politics/People. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

President Barack Obama won an unprecedented 96 percent of the black vote. That’s not much of a news story since blacks typically give their votes to the Democratic candidate. Blacks are probably the most politically loyal people in the nation and it is almost taken as gospel, at least among civil rights organizations and black and white liberals, that the only way black people can make socioeconomic progress is through the politics of race and special government programs. However, such a vision can be subjected to empirical evidence. (

Raleigh NC – The Creation of an NCDP Electoral Reform Committe by Chris Telesca

Thank you Chris for all that you do keeping our Elections Fair. Because of you and the folks over at NCVOTE North Carolina can be proud of your many accomplishments. I am so honored to know ya’ll and to have had Joyce McCloy Greensboro NC on my former TV Talk Show via telephone from that I once had.

Chris I hope you will become a columnist on The DCN so that you can share one of the most powerful conversations in America the Election Process with my readers.

C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Good news from Goodwin House today!

The Resolutions and Platform Committee substituted my resolution to create an NCDP Electoral Reform Committee for one that I wrote earlier that did essentially the same thing.  The main difference is that if the NCDP Chair doesn’t create the new committee in 60 days after the 8/29 SEC meeting, the 13 District Chairs are empowered to appoint 2 people from each district and form their own committee.  This avoids a repeat of the thing that has happened over the years where the Chair is directed to appoint a committee to study or do something and the Chair doesn’t do it.

And the district chairs will now have some money to play with.  The state party was keeping all the money from the tax checkoffs, but the law said they had to split it with the districts.  The NCDP (and I suspect the GOP) hasn’t been doing that.

Chris Telesca

Resolution to create NCDP Electoral Reform Committee

Whereas, two competing resolutions on Instant Runoff Voting (“IRV) were submitted to the NCDP State Party Convention in New Bern in June 2008; and

Whereas, both resolutions were tabled in favor of resolution from the floor passed by the body which called for the Chair to appoint a committee to study IRV and make a recommendation to the State Party and our legislative delegation; and

Whereas, Chairman Jerry Meek never formed the committee or made appointments before leaving office in January 2009; and

Whereas, after the June 2008 statewide primary runoff contest, an amendment was added to an omnibus election reform bill to extend the IRV pilot for another three years with no study about the value of IRV in general or the performance of IRV during the 2007 pilot; and

Whereas, the omnibus election reform bill called for the creation of a joint legislative committee to study election law and provide legislative oversight of the State Board of Elections, but no members have been appointed to this committee which has never met; and

Whereas, the lack of a meaningful legislative agenda on electoral reform from the Democratic Party allows non-profit groups and non-governmental agencies to lobby our legislators on electoral reforms that may not be in the best interests of the Democratic Party or the people of North Carolina.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party shall, within 60 days of passage of this resolution, appoint an Electoral Reform Committee made up of two members whose names are submitted from the Chair of each of the 13 Congressional Districts in North Carolina; and

Therefore, be it further resolved that, if the NCDP Chair does not appoint that Electoral Reform Committee by the 60 day time limit, this body hereby authorizes and directs the Congressional District Chairs to form the Electoral Reform Committee, consisting of the two members whose names they submitted to the NCDP Chair; and

Therefore, be it further resolved that the Electoral Reform Committee shall study electoral reform issues such as IRV and other voting methods, campaign finance reforms such as voter-owned elections, and report on progress and any findings to the next SEC meeting in early 2010, and at any subsequent SEC meetings or State Conventions if further study is warranted.

Submitted by:

Chris Telesca, SEC member from Wake County

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The Empowerment Experiment

—– Original Message —–

From: Maggie Anderson


Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009 2:21 PM

Subject: FROM MAGGIE AND JOHN WITH LOVE – The Empowerment Experiment video. See it and be proud. Share it and grow our movement.

Hello Jim, 

You are receiving this email as a member of The Empowerment Experiment inner circle.  We will be blasting this video over the next week, encouraging our community to sign on, donate, buy a t-shirt, or just be inspired to try harder to support and invest in Black business and talent.

Here’s the link to the video I just uploaded on YouTube.

If you can, please share the video with your VIP friends, and help us finally take the project to the next level.  FYI – We will be on the most popular Black radio show in the afternoons next week.  It is the Doug Banks Show.  We’ll be on Tuesday, August 18th, 4pm CST/ 5pm EST.

Please stay tuned via the website,  You can donate or buy a t-shirt right on the homepage.

We love you and appreciate you.

Margarita Anderson

CEO and Founder

The Empowerment Experiment

Note: Thanks my friend Jim Clingman @  for sharing this with The DCN.

From the Publisher – Edgecombe County Politics/People

I have had some interesting conversations lately about Edgecombe County and this is my take on Edgecombe County Politics/People.

There has been much discussion about the murdered/missing women in Rocky Mount/Edgecombe County, utility rates in Tarboro and Rocky Mount and other issues to name a few.

Some have accused me of not speaking out on certain issues such as the murdered/missing women however there is a time and season for all things (Ecclesiastes). I am not going to get into the above topics but speak more on politics/people in general.

I have always said that in Edgecombe County, nothing is going to change until we come together as a black people and hash out the differences and to have a discussion of from whence we came, what worked, what didn’t, what is working now, who was involved then, who is involved now and how we can move forward. Until that happens I refuse to hold an office in any organization that suppose to be about moving us forward.

I have attended a many of meetings over the years and I felt many of them I was wasting my time, but it was a learning experience and I know all the players not only locally but many across the state and abroad. This is why I feel good about what I do, attend meetings, video and now make it available via internet so people can see what really happened at the meeting versus what the paper said or what others said. Hell that came up years ago about having a communications network (paid person) for our community and nothing happened but I took it upon myself and I have been doing it out of pocket since the 90’s. And everybody says they appreciate me but so many never offer a $1.00 for gas, give words of encouragement and/or dispel the negative that some say about me when they know where my heart is. This is not saying I am always right however I feel that I am majority of the time because I get credit for what others say behind closed doors but are afraid to say it publicly. So therefore I am the fall guy but I love it. I choose to be that. I was given the name The Political Watch Dog and then later called an agitator so therefore I am known now as The Political Agitator.

I am about the children and the elderly and I will continue to be a voice for those who are afraid and/or don’t have the ability to speak for themselves.

I feel strongly that I have earned the right to speak because I have been actively engaged in politics since the early 90’s. I started out in a few local organizations in Pinetops and served as a vice precinct chair.

I have served as vice president of the Rocky Mount NAACP after seeking them out and the Edgecombe County NAACP as I attended their meetings helping to restore their charter before joining them. I later moved my membership back to Rocky Mount since I worked there and spent a lot of time there but not limited to. The people in Rocky Mount were more into dealing with the issues than in Tarboro so I was were the most action was. I am now a Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP.

I have served as vice chair and interim chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. I have served as an officer in many community organizations. I tell people I have resigned from ore organizations than many have been a part of. I have traveled the state attending and participating in NAACP, Democratic Party affairs and other organizations.

Now on to the conversations that lead me to write this.

I am speaking on my opinion and my opinion alone and I am doing what I do best and that is give my opinion for whatever it is worth especially on an issue that I feel I am knowledgeable of and yes have earned the right to speak about because I have been actively engaged, done my homework and etc. I get so sick and tired of listening to folks who stay at home and don’t get involved in nothing but have all the answers, not opinions. Oh well.

I love this "One of the serious mistakes about democracy and often by some fighting for democracy and progressive change, is the notion that there are only a few expects that have all or most of the answers and the skills to be leaders.  This has meant that the masses come to meetings as an audience and not as participants peoples decision making venues." You see for instance you are in my opinion an expert on workers rights because I have been a part of organizations and I respected their opinions as it relates to such because I were not as knowledgeable on that issue. I believe in trusting in people until they mislead me. I attend meetings to listen and if I feel comfortable about sharing my opinion, I will do so. One good thing about meeting with folks in Edgecombe County I know who the players are, how knowledgeable they are about issues and what they are capable of. I don’t profess to know it all however I do profess to know what I know and will continue to challenge anyone as I have done over the years especially moreso when one bring me into the equation.

You see my friend this is where I disagree with you, "I too feel that I have learned some important lessons from my involvement in many struggles, and local, national and international organizations and coalitions over the past more than 40 years of activism.  However, this does not mean that I have earned the right to be heard or considered more than anyone else." I touched on the reason why because you should be an expert in something after 40 years and if you do not feel that you have earned the right due to your hard work and that others need to trust in you, then I have a problem with that. The problem is trust among black folks and that is because of the same thinking mentality that has been used over the years. I am in the business of trying to change the way people think and trying to get them to understand they must trust in folks until one misleads them however we must show them that we are an expert on what we are doing and not continuing to throw out misleading information and want people to get onboard and they walk away with nothing, a workable solution.

Again I feel I have earned the right to speak my opinion since I have been an activist over the years making a difference while countless others benefited when they were at the house. I have used my vacation at work to go to meetings and spending my money out of pocket to have the tools that I have to be able to share the meeting with others.

I have not stated that I have earned the right to be heard because I can not control what people want to hear. I can speak it because I have a network (Dancy Communications Network) whereby I can say it but keeping in mind I can’t make anyone read it. I know I am heard when I call in to the local and statewide radio shows and people tell me they heard me. However I will continue to voice my opinion because it does not matter if anyone says to me that they heard me because it ain’t about me. Hell I can speak for me and don’t need the masses to do so. However I do know that I have been giving the go ahead to speak for some folks and I will continue to do so.

I don’t ask people to change the way they do things, I just share my opinions with them.

Silence has destroyed a many things because folks kept their opinions to themselves when they may could have hoped (helped) somebody.  You see “I swore never to be silent whenever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”- Elie Weisel

I refuse to be silent however that does not mean that I am right about anything but the spirit let’s me know when I am on to something. I truly feel I have found my calling while some folks have not figured out what theirs is.

I have really enjoyed the recent conversation because it is discussions like this that drives me. These types of discussions keep me motivated to go out and do more. I have not had a healthy conversation like this in a while now so I appreciate this more than ever.

I heard Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II say so many times that we must know our roles and stay in our lane. I have been in all kinds of lanes and trust me when I hear folks say things that applies to me, I try to do better. I do not get in lanes now a days unless it is about communication because that is what I do best, help get the word out to the masses however I will not help get out just anything because I am not going to help others mislead folks. This is why some things I do not post on my blog and if it is some things that I have a problem with.

To my fellow Edgecombe County friends, enemies be you black, brown, white and other I love you and it ain’t nothing you can do about it. I will continue to do what I do  and that is hope (help) somebody until the Good Master has the last word.

I want to leave this quote with you until we meet again, “At the end of the day, it is not our enemies we remember, but the silence of our friends!” Dr. Martin L. King

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From the Publisher

Rocky Mount NC – George Cook interviews local reporter covering Rocky Mount murders

George Cook of Let’s Talk Honestly Interviews reporter Mike Hixenbaugh of the Rocky Mount Telegram, the reporter covering the case for the local paper.We discuss:

*How the police are handling the case.
Is race a factor?
*How the locals in Rocky Mount feel.
*The overall lack of news coverage.
*The current status of the case.
*How Nancy Grace and Fox News both bumped stories about the murders, and more.

Use link below to listen to the interview:

George Cook

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From the Publisher – A Message to All of My Friends and Readers

Another year has gone by and I have taken the initiative to continue to try to be a resource for Edgecombe County and surrounding counties but not limited to. I try to get information out to masses of folks and it has been good. I have some technology tools that are just awesome.

Many of you have told me you appreciate what I do so therefore since you appreciate my work, show me some love by sending a donation. (Donate Now)