Rocky Mount NC – Congressman Butterfield Dispels Rumors About Health Care Reform

Click on the picture to watch the Health Care Forum on Demand. See the Press Conference held before the meeting in the back room.

I  arrived at Parkers Middle School around 5:20 PM and folks were everywhere. The forum was to begin at 6:00 PM. I figured there would be a bunch of opposition. My Congressman did a damn good job of dispelling the rumors and responding to ignance. I was real pleased with the meeting although there were several white folks who made ignant comments throughout the forum. But in my opinion, my Congressman handled his business.

In the meantime see what The Rocky Mount Telegram reported. I feel they really didn’t tell the story because these protesters (white) really showed up and showed out. I feel if it had been the other way around, blacks would have been put out. The Congressman was very nice and even allowed them to go over their 2 minutes.

Note: Updated: Thursday, August 13, 2009 00:15

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