Tarboro NC – Sad News, Two Of My Favorite Businesses Are Closing Their Doors

I learned yesterday (Saturday) that two of my favorite businesses are closing their doors.

I received a letter on yesterday from ByFaith Desktop Publishing that they will be shutting down the end of October. I don’t know the reason why she is going out of business. What I do know is that she did some outstanding work. The funeral I videoed yesterday, the obituary was done by ByFaith.

After I videoed a funeral on yesterday, I stopped by Grands Restaurant in Tarboro and had some good ole home style country food. I was told that they will be shutting down the end of this month (August). The owner will be moving to Virginia Beach to take care of her grandchild while her daughter goes off the Afghanistan.

I will truly miss these two businesses however there comes a time when one has to do what one has to do.