North Carolina – Democrats put health care meetings on hold

The temperature of the national health care debate has risen to unhealthy levels, some Democrats are saying, prompting a sharp change in plans for the congressional recess.

Attempting to deflate what Democrats are calling “generated outrage” over plans to overhaul the U.S. health care system, most North Carolina members of Congress are not hosting town hall meetings this month. U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield is the state’s only Democratic congressman so far to announce plans to hold a public meeting. (The Rocky Mount Telegram)

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Tarboro NC – JobsNOW program by Richard H. Parker Jr. Columnist

8 August 2009

If there is anyone out there agonizing about what to do about the recession or if you are concerned about making a living, agonize no more. JobsNOW is here in Tarboro. At Edgecombe Community College (ECC). Check out their CAREER FOCUS magazine.

When I was in high school my father told me “Son, learn a trade and you will never go hungry.” So I learned his trade, the replacement of shoe soles and heels, known as shoe repair. I went into the Navy after graduating from Pattillo High School, at age 17. The reasons were three-fold. I was going to be drafted, I wanted to learn about diesel engines and my parents couldn’t afford to send me to college.

Ladies and gentlemen, go out to Edgecombe Community College and enter their JobsNOW program! Your reasons are three-fold: You don`t have to be concerned about the draft, you will have numerous jobs-training opportunities (trades), and either you or your parents can seek financial aid. So what is your “beef”?  You have no excuse or roadblock.

I graduated high school in 1948. Guess what? I took my first college courses in 1970. How did I pay for them? I didn’t. My employer and the G.I. Bill did.You see, I became expert at my chosen “trade”, Industrial Refrigeration. So even if I hadn’t taken college courses, I would have done OK. But because of the college courses I was able to retire with a good pension plus Social Security.

So go on out there and sign up for something. You have heard of it. It is a part of President Obama`s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. ECC has $250,000.00 of it for a 16 months program.

By the way, check out the Plumbing/Pipefitting and the HVAC/Industrial Maintenance programs and combine them. Specialize in Refrigeration Pipe- fitting. Incorrect piping installation on refrigeration systems is the single greatest cause of damage and failure of the system.

Oh yes. After I went into the Navy I would work in my father’s shoe repair shop when I came home on leave. Plus I learned about all types of engines from torpedo boats to generators and landing craft and main propulsion, both diesel and gasoline, including internal and external combustion engines. And Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

So, go out to Edgecombe Community College and get signed in. Don’t disappoint our President. And please don’t disappoint our community.

Richard H. Parker Jr. CCPO
Tarboro NC

beGlobal – Quenesha McNair: Depending on elders or idiots

Quenesha is right on target. First of all I know Quenesha because she grew up in the neighborhood.

I was the secretary of P.A.I.R. (People Against Irresponsible Recreation) and Quenesha was a member of A.A.I.R. (Adolescence Against Irresponsible Recreation) years ago. Yep, we were the village elders and I am very proud of Quenesha and so many other kids we worked with whom have become very productive citizens.

It makes me proud to have been involved with these kids but what I like the most is several of them have moved away but still come back and give back to the neighborhood.

Thank you Quenesha and I look forward to working with beGlobal. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Depending on elders or idiots

If the village elders don’t step up, the village idiots will.

That line is a borrowed quote made by the president of Morehouse College on CNN recently, and I found it to be extremely relevant to the thought behind this column.

I recently read responses to an article in the Telegram written about local teens involved in a shooting and was absolutely appalled. (The Rocky Mount Telegram)

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