From the Publisher – Missing/Murdered Women in Edgecombe County

I have been reading about the missing/murdered women over the years in the Rocky Mount Telegram.

Recently the word serial killer has come into play and the community and media have really gotten involved.

I am so glad to see the community getting involved and maybe someone will begin to talk and the right information will get to law enforcement be it the Rocky Mount Police Department, the Edgecombe County Sheriff Department or the FBI. They are all connected at this point I would think by reading the newspapers.

I have received atleast 2 comments on my blog that I have been quiet on the issue. I have been on the radio numerous times and recently began to post information on my blog since attending the candlelight vigil and the charity ride in honor of the missing/murdered women to help publicize the cause.

Since there is no information about who the killer/s or the abductee/s may be, I don’t know what there is to say. I don’t know of any evidence that the killer/s or abductee/s is black, brown, white or other.

The only thing I am going to say and have said and will continue to say is that anyone who knows something to please share the information with law enforcement.

Since law enforcement has no evidence from the scene where the murdered victims have been found, what in the hell can they do?

I will say that at some point in time that there needs to be a prayer vigil to attempt to get the missing/murdered women friends to come out of their street life and go home to their families.

What I will not do is entertain ignance from anyone who attempt to post comments on my blog. I take my blog serious and don’t have time to play with ignant folks be they black, brown, white or other. I am in control of my blog so at anytime you have a problem with reading what I post here, you have options. I am going to let you figure out what they are.

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Raleigh NC – Community Success Initiative’s Captain’s Choice Golf Tournament

Monday, September 21, 2009
Hosted by: Raleigh Golf Association
1527 Tryon Rd. Raleigh, NC

What a great way to spend the day having fun and also supporting the efforts of CSI and the Second Chance Initiative. All of this taking place on the greens of the Raleigh Golf Association (RGA).

RGA, founded in 1929, is the second oldest golf course in the Raleigh area, and it is opened year round.

See details and registration information at:

NOTE: Don’t worry if you don’t play golf, we are looking for volunteers and sponsors to help us out as well.

Hope to see you there!!

Dennis W. Gaddy
Executive Director
Community Success Initiative
PO Box 61114
Raleigh, NC 27661
919-834-7626 ext.11

Rocky Mount NC – FBI digs deeper into slayings

Federal investigators have for the past week actively probed a string of similar Rocky Mount murders, sources involved in the case said.

Local authorities announced early last week that the FBI was helping investigate the series of murders that date back to 2005. The bodies of five black women with similar profiles have been found partially clothed and abandoned in remote locations outside the city during the past few years. (The Rocky Mount Telegram)

Raleigh NC – It’s in the woods

I found this to be quite interesting. I would never have thought that Easley’s career would have gone down in history with so much drama. Oh well you never know. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

This might explain everything. It might explain why former Gov. Mike Easley was kind of an under-the-radar guy, why his people didn’t have much to say about where he was and what he was doing when he was governor. Yes, yes, perhaps it’s clear now. At least a viable explanation has emerged. (News & Observer)