Raleigh NC – Annexation bill a solid compromise

Some annexations opponents fight was about not receiving the service that the city suppose to offer them. The bill suppose to take care of that problem however there will still be some who will not like it. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

It might not have been the change forced-annexation opponents had hoped for, but the bill recommended last week by a judiciary committee in the N.C. House would make broad changes to the state’s 50-year-old annexation laws. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Nashville NC – School system downsizes central office staff

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools has downsized its central office administrators by reassigning staff to positions throughout the district — a move approved during a Monday board of education meeting.

It’s another change in a series of many as funds are cut, state budget uncertainties loom and the district attempts to keep in line with its mission of educating every child. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Greensboro NC – City boards lack diversity

What tickles the hell out of me is how some folks jumped on the article because the reporter stated that

An analysis of six of the city’s most important council-appointed boards found that:

* Seventy-six percent of the members are men.

* Sixty-seven percent are Caucasian and the rest are African American. There are no members of any other race.

Damn so this is not a lack of diversity?

C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

They help rewrite or interpret city laws.

They decide whether developers can build a new project or the city should annex land.

They are the members of Greensboro’s boards and commissions — people appointed to represent city residents on issues that affect quality of life.

But they aren’t exactly representative of the community. (News & Record)