Tarboro NC – Town OKs $44 million, see who did not attend and who was late

Tarboro Town Council adopted its 2009-10 budget with the revenue neutral tax rate Monday night during a reconvened meeting from June 8.

The budget was approved 6-0. Councilmen Steve Hoard and Buck Price and were absent. Councilman Melvin Muhammad was two minutes late to a nine-minute meeting and missed two votes. (Go to Daily Southerner)

Rocky Mount NC – Power agency won’t refinance bulk of debt

The ElectriCities issue is just so complicated. It seems to be no way out. I would love to see some community leaders from the 32 cities come together and talk about the issue. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

A citizen’s group advocating lower electric rates in Rocky Mount had hoped their goal could be accomplished by the refinancing of bonds funding power plants.

They learned Wednesday that would not likely happen.

“At this point, it is not a (financially) viable option,” said Tim Tunis, chief financial officer for ElectriCities, the administrative arm of the power company serving Rocky Mount. (Rocky Mount NC)

Tarboro NC – Why every educator should have grown up in a trailer park

This is an interesting article and a great one. I want to thank Ms. Hathaway for sharing this testimony, words of wisdom and encouragement. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

When anyone wants to insult someone who grew up impoverished, the first blow is generally that they’re trailer trash.

Well, I oppose that label as being negative.

When I was growing up I learned many valuable lessons, that had I not resided in a trailer park, I might never have known. (Daily Southerner)

Wilson NC – Wilson activist taking a look back at the past year dealing with ElectriCities

Looking back over the past year we as citizens of Wilson and surrounding cities and towns was in an uproar about the large increases in our utilities. How quick we forget.

The more than $400.000 that was paid to the CEO. The bad deals that was made by him. The legal fees.

The pressure that we as citizen applied lead to the resigning of the CEO. How quick we forget.

Clay Norris $244,755.00 salary and the person who report direct to him also resigned.

All this came from people standing up and holding those who should be held accountable.

Now we are looking at new challenges. Electricities has a new CEO at more than $535.000 two different type bonus at 10% each car allowance put him at more than $600.000. How will Electricities pay this?

How is NCEMPA going to deal with this? Will they try to take back all the power they gave Electricities or should I say the Board of Directors. The board that voted on the packet that was given to Graham Edwards. How are we going to deal with this new challenge?

Yes we it is up to us to make the difference. How quick we forget. The middleman is just that. We need not look to our leaders they already voter for this. Out of 14 voting members of the board 11 yes and 3 no. We have the right to know how our elected official voted. As any time they vote on issuers that will affect us. I have not seen anywhere how he voted. He voted yes. How quick we forget.

No willingness to make a difference. We need not look to state or Fed to help we need to help each other. Lets work on the middle man. Lets not forget that we hold the power.

Ricardo Dew

Eaglechase Drive

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Wilson NC – Concentrate on changing ElectriCities board

Wilson NC – Concentrate on changing ElectriCities board

More respectable? Heck Mr. Dew has been very respectful. He has challenged the Wilson City Council and ran for mayor during the previous election. On top of his community activism, he is a hard working man who wants what is good for the community of Wilson and surrounding counties as it relates to ElectriCities and other issues.

Mr. Dew has been on top of the ElectriCities issue and has done some great research. He was hosting a daily radio talk show for a while educating folks about ElectriCities so therefore folks in Wilson should be up on the ElectriCities issues. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Looking back over the past year, we as citizens of Wilson and surrounding cities and towns were in an uproar over the large increases in our utilities.

How quick we forget the more than $400,000 that was paid to the former ElectriCities CEO, the bad deals that was made by him and his legal fees. (Wilson Daily Times)

Wilson NC – Court system is fair to all

Check out these comments. Funny as hell to me because the James Johnson saga is a prime example of a court system gone bad. So glad I know enough about the case to be able to stand on my opinion. The D.A. was right on target and I support his comments 100%. I am very much familiar with the courtroom and the education system. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

While educators have come to the defense of our schools system following District Attorney Robert Evans’ recent remarks at a Juneteenth event in Rocky Mount, no court official has written in defense of our judicial system. (Wilson Daily Times)

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Tarboro NC – POSTPONED: East Tarboro Community Forum

Thursday June 25, 2009 6:30 PM


Special Guest District Attorney Robert Evans

Please make plans to attend this informative meeting

For more info contact Greg Higgs @252-567-0996 or Terry Johnson @252-469-5188

Note: Greg was told today the meeting can not be held tomorrow at Pattillo A+ Elementary School because the principal Sylvia Cobb will be out of town.

So when has it become mandatory for the principal to be present? I have attended a many of events at the schools and one recently at West Edgecombe Elementary School and the principal was not present. It is only the janitor who opens up and close and the person who rents the facility pays for that person.

Okay I bet there has been a bunch of folks protesting the meeting being held at the school because of the controversy surrounding the D.A. Remember the school board chair Evelyn Wilson responded in an editorial to the local newspaper in reference to the D.A. comments at the Juneteenth in Rocky Mount recently. Oh well.

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