Rocky Mount NC – Justice is meted out in a fair and impartial manner regardless of race’

Say what? I be damn the James Johnson case in Wilson which was in the 7th Judicial District is a prime example of black males being under “attack.” I am not talking about something I heard, but something I witnessed on the day that Johnson was released from prison after 3 years for charges that didn’t meet the crime. This is only one case of countless others.

I am very familiar with the court system, lawyers and etc. because I been in the courtroom and have observed what takes place. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher 

While educators have come to the defense of our school system following District Attorney Robert Evans recent remarks at a Juneteenth event no court official has written in defense of our judicial system. Therefore, this letter. (Daily Southerner)

Tarboro NC – Economic recruiters sound optimistic

This is some very good information. I am glad to see that property taxes is not an issue for companies who may want to locate in Edgecombe County. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Along with those developments, Gessaman said that other important developments for local economies are how hospitals and medical facilities can become economic drivers.

"(They) could qualify as a base industry" because they draw people from outside the immediate communities, Gessaman said. (Daily Southerner)