Tarboro NC – ElectriCities out of touch with us

I agree with Terry on this one. So former Rocky Mount Mayor Fred Turnage vote for and also Bruce Rose Mayor of Wilson. After all the hell we have been raising between these two cities these guys have the audacity to vote to pay this man all this money inspite of. Damn enough is ENUF. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

I did not find out about ElectriCities hiring a new CEO until I got back from vacation.

I was surprised as you were:

• Because the previous CEO was paid $458,002 after 13 years and that was controversial in the wake of rate hikes. T. Graham Edwards will be paid $530,000 per year plus $15,000 in business allowance, $10,200 car – and annual bonuses. (Keep reading because what I found out will make you angry.) (Read entire article Daily Southerner)


Joseph Littles-NGUZO SABA Charter School

June 11, 2009


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Roger Madison


Grace Daley



Florida’s only African-centered public school today announced that its co-founder and current Board Chairman, Amefika D. Geuka will walk from the school to Washington, DC to dramatize the urgent need for African-centered education for children of African descent. Geuka and his colleagues have dubbed this venture a “Trek for African-Centered

Education,” to be conducted from July 15th through August 15, 2009. In addition to gaining credibility for African-centered education, the walk is expected to raise money to close the funding gap for Geuka’s Joseph Littles-NGUZO SABA Charter School which completed ten years of continuous operation on January 20th of this year. Overall coordination and planning for the walkathon has been contracted to iZania, LLC based in Columbus, Ohio.

Geuka’s walk will cover 1,011 miles, with pledges being sought for every mile walked by

him and dozens of expected collaborators along the route. Geuka and surrogate walkers plan to average 33 to 35 miles per day, requiring 10 to 12 hours. Walkers will depart from the school at 5829 Corporate Way in West Palm Beach at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, July 15th, and culminate on or about August 12th with ceremonial stops at the U.S. Department of Education and White House where prepared statements in support of African-centered education will be read. African-centered schools in the nation’s capital will be asked to host a victory rally after the statements have been read.

Both President Barack Obama and his Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have spoken strongly in favor of public charter schools, which are designed to explore creative and innovative approaches to educating students who do not fare well in traditional public schools. Geuka and other advocates and practitioners of African-centered education argue

that theirs is the most effective way to encourage children of African descent to aspire to be successful in education and personal development. The African-centered approach to providing a strong cultural foundation for children of African descent is being adopted across the country by school districts, public schools, private schools, and charter schools. This pedagogical approach is gaining acceptance as an important and necessary component in the development of Black children. They draw parallels between the ‘ACE’ approach and the generally accepted contention by Jews and Catholics that their respective students learn best when their formal education is rooted in study and appreciation of their own heritage history, and culture.


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Last night (Thursday),  Rep. Wil Neumann (R-Gaston) offered an amendment to divert $50 million in incoming Golden LEAF funds to support the state’s Medicaid program.   His effort to suspend the rules to debate the bill was defeated 64-50. 
Golden LEAF is grateful to Reps. Bill Owens, Pryor Gibson, Jim Crawford, Verla Insko, Cullie Tarleton, Mickey Michaux and Ronnie Sutton who asked that the amendment be defeated.
In tough times, people get desperate.  There’s no doubt that there is a lot of pain in the budget.  But such a money grab effort from Golden LEAF, specifically set up outside of state government to avoid getting entangled in state budget debates and focus on economic development, would cause more pain.
A $50 million cut would equal:

  • The entire budget for the Community Assistance Initiative, which provides $2 million for each Tier One county to have local citizens identify education, economic development, health care and other projects to move the needle.    If more people get jobs and opportunity, fewer people would need the Medicaid program Neumann promotes.  Counties that are in process include Bertie, Robeson, Vance, Columbus, Halifax, Richmond, Lenoir, Bladen, Northampton, Martin, Cleveland and Burke with more to follow.
  • The entire budget for the aerospace worker training initiative to fund worker training for one of the state’s fastest growing sectors from Elizabeth City to Asheville and points beyond and between.  
  • The entire budget for our new loan guarantee program for small businesses that will generate an estimated 5:1 loan per dollar of guarantee match.
  • The entire budget for our new agricultural initiatives around supporting local food products in North Carolina and around regional agriculture initiatives, such as agriculture biotechnology.
  • The entire budget for our economic catalyst cycle where the Foundation provides dollars at the margin to help create more jobs and investment in NC communities.

Our opponents note that we have $500 million in investment value.  But such investment value can only generate $25 million in grants (5 percent of net assets), not the $75 plus million we currently support.

Rep. Owens noted that we were one of the only resources for economic development and job creation in NC.  So we are.  Cutting Golden LEAF Funds would hurt our most distressed counties and communities and would stop our progress toward economic recovery.  Golden LEAF represents the only flexible and nimble resource available to our rural, tobacco-dependent and economically distressed counties to be competitive in economic development.

Other states have used their tobacco settlement funds to balance their budgets, but they still have budget problems today.  They can’t tell you where the tobacco settlement money went, while we are accountable for every dollar that we have ever received.

So please contact your local legislators and express your support for the work of the Golden LEAF Foundation.  Thank them for their support and for all the hard work that they go through to deal with the difficult challenges facing us.  Tell them how Golden LEAF makes a difference.  We prevailed last night, but we cannot afford to fail to educate our policymakers on the need and deeds of Golden LEAF.

Thank you for all you do,

Dan Gerlach
Golden LEAF President

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