Speaking Truth to Power – White Male Entitlement and Sonia Sotomayor: The Hypocrisy is So Blatant, It is Blinding

The white male entitlement pushback on the Sotomayor Supreme Court nomination is so brazenly hypocritical it is blinding.

Certainly, the corporate mainstream media is taken in by it, because the likes of the New York Times can’t stop printing "truthiness" stories that are just toned down, right-wing "attack" message points on Sotomayor (we counted 5 in one day just a short time ago).

When you distill the ferocity of the GOP assault on Sotomayor, it comes down to one furious objection: she’s not . . . (The Buzz Flash Blog)

Raleigh NC – Take Action: Paid sick days hearing in Senate Commerce TOMORROW

Take Action: Paid sick days hearing in Senate Commerce TOMORROW

Take Action!

This swine flu outbreak is scary and there are now 23 confirmed cases of the virus in North Carolina.  Doctors and public health officials are warning us to stay at home if we’re sick.  But what’s even scarier is how many NC workers won’t be able to follow the doctor’s orders.

That’s because nearly half of North Carolinians lack paid sick days. They prepare and serve our food, look after our children, and care for the sick and elderly. When they have to work sick, their germs become our germs — and that’s not healthy for anyone.

Paid sick days are especially crucial for working families in this time of economic uncertainty.  Most workers just simply can’t afford to risk a day’s pay or even a job to stay home and get better or care for a sick family member.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 8) the Healthy Families and Healthy Workplaces Act (SB 534) will be heard in the Senate Commerce Committee.  The business industry lobby has been hard at work to slam this basic labor standard.  Senators in the Commerce Committee need to hear from supporters of paid sick days.  Contact your Senator and tell them to support paid sick days as a basic workplace standard for all North Carolinians.

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Raleigh, NC 27601

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Wilson NC – ElectriCities CEO should like his deal

T. Graham Edwards said he is thrilled about the opportunity to lead ElectriCities.

I bet he is.

Five hundred and thirty thousands dollars a year and a $10,200 car allowance — what does he need to drive, a Ferrari?

In this era of cutting teachers and teaching assistants, . . . (The Wilson Times)

Raleigh NC – Racial bias procedure OKd in House committee

A House panel has agreed to legislation providing a way for defendants in North Carolina to try to prove racial bias put them on death row or caused a prosecutor to seek a capital conviction.

The House Ways and Means Committee voted 7-to-5 Monday for the Racial Justice Act. It now heads to a judiciary panel. The Senate approved a different version of the bill. (The News & Observer)

Raleigh NC – Records: Mike Easley involved in hiring

New documents show that the Mary Easley job at N.C. State University was orchestrated at the highest levels of state government, and included the direct involvement of then-Gov. Mike Easley.

E-mail messages show the creation of the job for Mary Easley was orchestrated in April and May of 2005 by the governor and that her job formation also included his wife, . . . (The News & Observer)

Raleigh NC – Chancellor James Oblinger resigned Monday, effective immediately

Chancellor James Oblinger resigned from his position this morning according to a memo UNC System President Erskine Bowles sent to members of the UNC Board of Governors.

Oblinger said in a written statement released on the University’s Web site that he chose to resign "because that is what leaders do when the institutions they lead come under distracting and undue public scrutiny." (Technician)

Rocky Mount NC – Evans’ speech hurts educators, court employees

Again Jeff Herrin editor tickles the hell out of me with his opinion. It is funny as hell to think that someone like him do not feel that the new D.A. Evans is qualified to make such a statement per the newspaper. This man has been on both sides serving as an attorney, judge, school baord member and now district attorney.

Thank you Mr. D.A. for speaking truth to power. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

In one of his first public appearances since being appointed district attorney, Robert Evans unfairly undermined the efforts of hundreds of teachers and employees in the very judicial system he has faithfully served as judge and now serves as lead prosecutor. (Rocky Mount Telegram)