Rocky Mount NC – City could lose more than expected in sales taxes

The Rocky Mount City Council on Monday night decided to wait a couple of weeks before approving the budget for the coming year after learning that the state may be withholding revenues.

The council decided to wait until its next meeting on June 22 before approving the $216.5 million proposed spending plan for fiscal year 2009-10 and a property tax rate to go along with it. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Tarboro NC – Lack of communication upsets parents, schools

I attended the East Tarboro meeting and I am trying to get the video uploaded so that others can see what she said at the meeting. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

The East Tarboro community forum last Thursday provided a platform for parent Shanelle Knight to vent about the school system, but left a sour taste in the mouths of educators with Edgecombe County Public Schools. (The Daily Southerner)

Raleigh NC – Records: Oblinger increased Nielsen’s deal

Again I repeat what I have been saying since the early 90’s that politics do not have to be dirty. The good ole boys corruption is nothing compared to those racist who talk about black folks being on welfare. This is corporate welfare. Show me one single black person on welfare who are receiving these type of benefits. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

New records show that N.C. State University Chancellor James Oblinger cut a deal last month to increase the severance package for former Provost Larry Nielsen, and it was done the day before Nielsen resigned.

Moreover, the publicly disclosed terms of Nielsen’s payout show he will receive more than what officials had indicated – with Nielsen now set to receive $310,255 in extra pay above his faculty salary.

The documents directly contradict the public comments that Oblinger had offered . . . (The News & Observer)