Hate: A Brief History of the Radical, Violent Right: How Racist Hate Groups Joined up With Abortion Terrorists

The revelation that Scott Roeder, the alleged murderer of Dr. George Tiller, belonged to an anti-government, white separatist group called the Montana Freemen might seem like an unlikely twist. After all, such groups are generally thought of as either indifferent to the issue of abortion or actively enthusiastic about its potential for reducing the nonwhite population. As it turns out, however, the journey from radical racialist to anti-abortionist isn’t as unusual as you might think. (AlterNet)

Raleigh NC – ‘Horrific’ House Budget Bounced to ‘Big Chairs’

Daily Political Briefing: ‘Horrific’ House Budget Bounced to ‘Big Chairs’

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June 5, 2009


                                             June 5, 2009                                           

‘Horrific’ House Budget Rolls Out Now Heads to the "Big Chairs" Upstairs

Governor & Senate Already Saying No Before Ink is Dry in House

Chair Mickey Michaux (Durham); Rep. Alma Adams (Greensboro); Rep. Martha Alexander (Charlotte); Rep. Jim Crawford (Oxford); Rep. Phillip Haire (Sylva); Rep. Maggie Jeffus (Greensboro); Rep. Joe Tolson (Edgecombe County); Rep. Doug Yongue (Scotland County).    

The House Education Appropriations Subcommittee rolled out a budget proposal Thursday afternoon that cuts 6,005 certified teachers from classrooms in the 2009-2010 academic year and cuts another 2,568 in 2010-2011.  

All teacher assistant funding ($130.1 million) in grade 3 is eliminated under this plan along with a 5% reduction ($20.1 million) in funding for non-instructional support personnel.   School counselors, social workers and certain other personnel were cut by $19.3 million.  These reduced line-items cuts over 5,000 statewide.  

Decisions on salaries, including longevity, will be made this weekend by the "Big Chairs" in consultation with the Speaker of the House.    

"To look at these cuts on paper is just stunning," said NCAE Government Relations Manager Cecil Banks.  "However, we expected this budget to look exactly like this today.  It will not stand, though.  There’s a big difference between getting a bill through a subcommittee and getting this bill out of the House or even through the Senate."  

Banks is referring to early overtures by leaders in the NC Senate who are sending messages publicly and privately that a balanced approach to constructing a state budget should be taken.

The proposition of a temporary sales tax for education by State Board Chair Bill Harrison was also seen by most political watchers as Governor Perdue testing the waters on a modest tax increase.    Late Thursday afternoon, Governor Perdue described the House budget proposal as "horrific"  and proposed tax increases in a story published by the News & Observer this morning.

"Educators are changing the tone of this budget debate," Banks said.  "So many members of the General Assembly say that they are hearing loud and clear that cuts alone to education will devestate communities and that sensible tax reform is needed." 

Keep the Email & Calls Going, Educators!

joe.hackney@ncleg.net; alma.adams@ncleg.net; martha.alexander@ncleg.net; jim.crawford@ncleg.net; phillip.haire@ncleg.net; maggie.jeffus@ncleg.net; mickey.michaux@ncleg.netjoe.tolson@ncleg.net; douglas.yongue@ncleg.net

Note:  Rep. Yongue’s address was incorrect in yesterday’s DPB.

If you want to call, the switchboard number is

(919) 733-4111

Remember to be polite & respectful.

More Bad Ideas in the Subcommittee Budget

Co-Chairs Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland), Marion McLawhorn (D-Pitt) & Ray Rapp (D-Madison) constructed a public schools budget with $1.8 billion less than last year.  Chairman Glazier has been an outspoken advocate for modernizing taxes in order to preserve education in North Carolina.  

At-Risk Student Services cut by $70 million

No ABC Bonuses Allocated This Year

More at Four cut by $10 million (& began the merging process with Smart Start)

Low-Wealth Funding cut by $4.8 million

Small County Supplemental Funding cut by $4.5 million

Teacher Cadet cut by $60,000

Communities in Schools cut by $160,750

Teacher Academy cut by $833,462

NCAE Contacts Governor About Furlough Fraud by Locals Lawsuit on the Table

Despite an initial ruling by NC Department of Public Instruction to the contrary, many local school systems are reducing educator pay, including supplements, by .05% and using the governor’s furlough order as the reason.  NCAE is working with Governor Perdue’s staff to reverse this fraudulent practice before taking legal action.

More Photos from Wear Red Wednesday

Pinkston Street School (Vance) & Trask Middle School (New Hanover) 

Western Rockingham Middle School (Rockingham) & Cedar Ridge High School (Orange) 

East Alexander Middle School (Alexander) & Guilford County Association of Educators     

More photos are coming Monday!

Now More than Ever:  Educator Wednesday Every Wednesday

The fight to save jobs continues.  Please take the time to lobby your legislators in Raleigh on Educator Wednesday.  Sign up with brian.lewis@ncae.orgon one or more of the following dates: 

June 10 ~ June 17 ~ June 24 ~ July 8 ~ July 15 ~ July 22 ~ July 29 

Educator Wednesday Begins at 9:30 a.m.  NCAE reimburses 35 cents for mileage. 

Photo For Thought

DPB snapped this picture on Thursday upon leaving the Education Appropriatons Committee on Thursday.  With sprinklers in full throttle, it began to rain in Raleigh while gallons of water was wasted on perfectly green grass.                  

Brian Lewis, Lobbyist/Government Relations Specialist

North Carolina Association of Educators
700 South Salisbury Street

  • Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

(919) 832-3000 or (800) 662-7924 extension 256 or (919) 413-2580 mobile




June 5, 2009

Ghana O. Wilson


Funds Raised at Inspirational Rodeo Will Fund Programs Aimed at Improving the Health, Education and Welfare of Children

New York, NY (BlackNews.com) – Saddle Up 4 Good (SU4G), an organization founded by urban cowboys, Dr. Ray Charles Lockamy and Mr. Morris, will host its first annual Saddle Up 4 Good "Spur Into Action" Inspirational Showdeo, June 18-21 at Gloucester Dream Park in South Logan Township, New Jersey. The traditional rodeo, has been transformed into a Showdeo, and will feature an IPRA sanctioned rodeo, a Polo demonstration, barrel racing, bull riding, livestock auction, western line dance, gospel performance and Sadie Hawkins dance, all to raise funds for area charities aimed at improving the lives of children.

"Our primary goal is to provide education, motivation and skill building for young men and women in an effort to teach them personal responsibility and accountability," said Dr. Lockamy. "Our ultimate goal is to motivate young men and women to make decisions about their goals and values, and act in ways that support their decisions," he added.

The Showdeo will open Thursday with a Competitive Rodeo, with over $5,000 in prize Money at stake, and close on Sunday with a Father’s Day Gospel Performance by a national act. "We wanted to connect with today’s youth to educate them about the contributions of the Black cowboy, empower and teach them the life skills that will help them improve their communities," said Raymond Lewis, president of RPL Consulting and SU4G producer. "We are very excited about the line-up and the support we have received from the corporate and rodeo community," Lewis added.

Saddle Up 4 Good began on July 1, 2008 with a benefit ride by Morris and Lockamy from Portland, Maine to Jacksonville, Florida. The ride concluded on August 16th with over $50,000 pledged to help fund Doorways for Woman and Families, a shelter that aids victims of domestic violence. At the conclusion of the 1,641 mile trek, the duo decided to expand their focus and raise money and awareness for cancer research, at-risk youth and AIDS Awareness.

Tickets for the Saddle Up 4 Good "Spur into Action" Inspirational Showdeo are available online at www.saddleup4good.com or by calling 877-860-SU4G (7844).


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Raleigh NC – Chairman orders review of Nielsen deal

Stress? Damn making almost $300,000 would stress me out. I am stressed now just knowing a person makes that kind of money working for someone else. How do these guys make this kind of money? Oh well I guess that is what happens when you go to high school, further your education and then go to work at certain places. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

The chairman of the N.C. State University’s Board of Trustees has ordered a review of the deal to give former Provost Larry Nielsen, who resigned last month, a six-month leave at his full provost-level salary. Nielsen makes $298,700.

Nielsen quit May 22, citing stress . . . (The News & Observer)

Do You Know? – There is an Organization of Black Pilots?

Ok Folks,

These are extremely "Off Camera People."  I imagine  a lot of  money is spent to keep their presence hidden behind the incarceration numbers of our youth.


Resource: Forwarded from Ronald White South Central Wake NAACP.