Durham NC – Racial Justice Act Press Conference in Durham on Friday, June 5th, 5:30 pm

All supporters of the NC Racial Justice Act (Senate Bill 461) are   urged to attend a press conference calling for support of the NC Racial Justice Act on the steps of the Durham Courthouse (201 East Main Street) at 5:30 pm tomorrow (Friday June 5th).  We need at least 100 people or more present.

We must continue to apply pressure to the decision makers on this bill if it is to pass. We need your help.

More details contact:
Contact Charmaine Fuller at 9199435953 or

More on Racial Justice Act go to:

Durham courthouse go to http://www.nccourts.org/Courts/CRS/NCMap/CourthouseDetail.asp?id=37

Statesville NC – What Happened in Statesville May Happen Here

As weatherization money flows from the Federal Government that is a decent chance that it may work.  Weatherization project goals are geared to decrease the consumption of electrical needs of ratepayers.  Most Cities in both the western and eastern power agencies depend on utility revenue to balance their budgets. (Citizens For Fair Utilities)