Raleigh NC – Easley inducted 4,000 into Order of the Long Leaf Pine

Easley inducted 4,000 into Order of the Long Leaf Pine
Between January 2001 and January 2009, former Gov. Mike Easley inducted more than 4,000 North Carolinians into the Order of the Long Leaf Pine. That’s a rate of nearly 10 a week, or more than one a day. (News & Observer)

Raleigh NC – Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah today

Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah today | VIDEO
Elizabeth Edwards tells talk show host Oprah Winfrey that it’s a "complicated question" if she still is in love with her husband, former presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. John Edwards, after his admitted affair. (WTVD TV 11)

Washington DC – Obama’s Budget Knife Yields Modest Trims

President Obama has said for weeks that his staff is scouring the federal budget, "line by line," for savings. Today, they will release the results: a plan to trim 121 programs by $17 billion, a tiny fraction of next year’s $3.4 trillion budget. (Washington Post)

Bill to restrict cities’ broadband services sent to study committee

Salisbury city officials said Wednesday they are pleased that House Bill 1252, aimed at putting more restrictions on municipalities which offer broadband services, will be handed off to a study committee.

The Public Utilities Committee, chaired by state Rep. Lorene Coates, D-Rowan, voted unanimously Wednesday morning to have a study committee look at the bill. (Salisbury Post)

Morganton, NC – Burke County NAACP Releases Open Letter to the School Board Chair

North Carolina National association

for the Advancement of Colored People


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Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II


Amina J. Turner

Executive Director

April 30, 2009

Contact: Cell—919-394-8137

April 24, 2009


Burke County NAACP Releases Open Letter to the School Board Chair

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, state conference president, “While Mr. Hairfield has attempted to apologize for utilizing racist, stereotypical and offensive internet communication, his apology is not accepted. The use of the “N” word particularly by a public figure used verbally or electronically is not free or protected speech. Furthermore, we do not believe we can trust the decision making on behalf of our children by anyone who agrees with the racist sentiments of these emails.”

The NC Supreme Court some years ago in the Spivey case removed a sitting District Attorney from office for using the “N” word in public after hours at a bar.

The racist edge of the jokes that we know about both read and allegedly sent by Mr. Hairfield are not funny. We cannot accept any apology until we know exactly what has happened because an apology may not be enough. If he in any way knowingly read and/sent racist e-mail we must call for his resignation. That is why we are calling for a meeting with the School Board chairman and we want a full tracing of e-mail and tracking to see what was done and who else may be involved. Even the very presence of this kind of activity should cause the entire community to be outraged. And anyone knowingly, willfully engaged in such activity we as a community should demand their resignation.

Mrs. Barbara Myers, local president said, “The mind set reflected in these egregious acts are not excused by a visit to an NAACP banquet, having a few Black friends or an attempt to present them as being humorous.”

The Burke County NAACP will be calling on the State along with the National body to consider both legal and public pressure to deal with this issue as we investigate these matters.

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New York – N.Y. Federal Judge Likely on Shortlist

George M. Pavia remembers being instantly impressed with the young woman he hired for his law firm in 1984. Sonia Sotomayor had graduated summa cum laude at Princeton, edited the Yale Law Journal in law school and had courtroom experience in the Manhattan prosecutor’s office.

She also spoke Spanish, which helped her understand Italian, and one of the firm’s main client’s was carmaker Fiat. (Washington Post)