Tarboro NC – NAACP and ridiculous demands?


Evans appointment is positive step toward diversity
We the Presidents of the Edgecombe, Rocky Mount and Wilson NAACP Branches support Gov. Bev Perdue’s appointment of Robert Evans, District Court Judge, as the next 7th Judicial District’s District Atto …


Enough with the ridiculous demands
I have finally had enough. I am sure the vast majority of other whites have had enough, too. If any organization gathered and demanded a white anything, what do you think the national reaction woul …

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Tarboro NC – Funny how the Daily Southerner has not commented on the D.A. Appointment

Evans is a good pick for District Attorney is from the Wilson Times. I wonder why no comment from Terry Smith Editor.

The letter to the editor ‘Put the right man in there’ made it however mines did not. My letter “Racial Makeup of the District Attorney’s Office” also didn’t make it in the other local paper the Rocky Mount Telegram. But the Wilson Times printed it.

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance


Raleigh NC – Lawmaker questions belated speeding ticket

A state lawmaker who was stopped by a state trooper a week ago and let go said Monday he would appeal the speeding ticket he received four days after the stop.

Rep. Cary Allred, R-Alamance, apologized for speeding, but called the belated ticket a case of "reverse favoritism." (News & Observer)

Raleigh NC – Furlough Fat First

Daily Political Briefing: Furlough Fat First

More Info

May 4, 2008


                                             May 4, 2009                                          

Paycut Protest – Save Our Schools on Saturday, May 16 at High Noon

The Paycut Protest begins on Saturday, May 16 on the grounds of NCAE Headquarters in Raleigh.  Food, speeches, and music with a concluding 1 p.m. motorcade circling the North Carolina General Assembly and the Governor’s Mansion. NCAE is creating a special website for the event that will be up in a couple of days.  More to come…

Trim the Fat Before Trimming Educator Pay

While 185,000 public school employees are being furloughed, Maryland resident Ty Lawson and Pennsylvania resident Wayne Ellington get their out-of-state tuition paid for by North Carolina taxpayers.  Both players just announced they are quitting UNC to enter the NBA draft.  Another $10 million down the drain.

$10 million a Year to Out of State College Athletes
Stop the Giveaway to Athletic Booster Clubs

Take Action!

Chief Justice Parker Requests Judges Take Pay Cut

Many NCAE members inquired about how high up the furlough order went.  While the NC Constitution bans any cut in pay to sitting judges, Supreme Court Chief Justice Sarah Parker sent a memo to her judicial colleages around the state on Friday asking for them to voluntarily participate in the Governor’s furlough program.

Political Columnist Rob Christensen Sympathizes with Educators -  He’s Furloughed, Too

Rob Christensen is a veteran political reporter, author and authority on all things NC politics.  He’s also written extensively about public schools funding historical funding battles compared to higher education.  He begins his weeklong furlough today from the News & Observer. 

"It’s been a bad week for state employees — from the guy holding the slow/stop sign at highway construction sites, to the woman who teaches Shakespeare at your local college, to the guard manning the prison tower…"  To read the rest of Rob’s column, click here or visit the www.newsobserver.com.  

Educator Wednesday is Increasingly Important

Email brian.lewis@ncae.org if you can make this week’s Educator Wednesday on May 6.  Legislators need to hear from constituents on the furlough plan, budget decisions and pending legislation.  Be at NCAE headquarters by 9:30!

Commerce Committee Tuesday:  Restore Local Control on School Calendar
School Start Should Be According to Community Needs

Take Action!

Click www.capwiz.com/nea/nc and find the alert if the button is broken above. 

State Health Plan:  Read the Fine Print

The State Health Plan annual enrollment for all agencies using the paper enrollment process is currently underway. The annual enrollment kits are now available on the State Health PlanWeb site at www.shpnc.org/hbr_annual-enrollment.html.  To read this entire memo, click here.

The State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees (the "Plan") will conduct an audit of all dependents covered under the Plan during the 2009 benefit year. Dependent coverage is an important part of your benefits package. The Plan wants to ensure that only eligible dependents are provided coverage under your benefits program.  To read this entire memo from the State Health Plan, click here.                      

Brian Lewis, Lobbyist/Government Relations Specialist

North Carolina Association of Educators
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  • Raleigh, North Carolina 27601

(919) 832-3000 or (800) 662-7924 extension 256 or (919) 413-2580 mobile

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Tarboro NC – Former DA defends handling of James Johnson case

Wilson County’s outgoing district attorney says he believes his office handled the controversial prosecution of James Johnson appropriately, despite allegations of wrongdoing against the assistant district attorney who handled the case. (WRAL TV 5)

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

North Carolina – Swine flu outbreak safety kit and flyer

Every household should pack an

Emergency Kit

All families should have some basic supplies on
hand in order to survive for 1-2 weeks if an
emergency occurs. An emergency could be a
flood, a pandemic flu, or any disaster. Your kit
should include:
• Copies of your important documents in a
waterproof container/freezer bag (insurance
cards, credit card and bank account
numbers, birth certificates, immunization
records, drivers licenses)
• Extra set of car and house keys
• Credit and ATM cards and cash including some quarters
• Bottled water –1 gallon per person per day
• One to two week supply of non-perishable food (canned food, granola bars, nuts,
peanut butter, crackers, dried fruit, dry cereal) a manual can opener, paper plates,
plastic utensils, paper towels
• Flashlight, battery-operated AM/FM radio and extra batteries, non-cordless phone
• Any prescription or over-the-counter medication your family needs—check this
when you check smoke detectors—when time changes twice a year—so you can
refill or replace before these expire.
• Kleenex, cold/flu medication, anti-diarrheal medication, ibuprofen or
acetaminophen (items that you would need at home for flu symptoms)
• First-aid kit, hand sanitizers, a whistle to signal for help
• Basic personal hygiene items such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, menstrual
supplies, toothbrushes/toothpaste
• Matches in waterproof bag
• Change of clothing/good walking shoes
• Blanket for each person
• Contact and meeting place information for your household, a small regional map
and emergency numbers
• Copies of health insurance and identification cards
• Child care supplies, infant formula, diapers or other special care items
• Other essential personal items—pet care, pet immunization records?
Provided by Nash County Health Department

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Raleigh NC – John Wall charged with breaking, entering

John Wall, one of the country’s most prized college basketball prospects, was charged last week with misdemeanor breaking and entering at a southeast Raleigh residence.

Wall, 18, a senior at Raleigh Word of God Christian Academy, was detained about 12:30 p.m. April 27 by a Raleigh police officer who was responding to a report of a breaking and entering in progress at an unoccupied dwelling at 3924 Laurel Glen Drive, Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said in a statement. (News & Observer)

Washington DC – Look beyond judiciary, senators say

President Barack Obama’s search to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter should extend beyond the current roster of federal judges, senators from both political parties said Sunday.

"I would like to see more people from outside the judicial monastery, somebody who has had some real-life experience, not just as a judge," said Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will hold hearings when Obama makes his nomination. (News & Observer)

TONIGHT: Emergency briefing with Howard Dean

We’re organizing an emergency online briefing TONIGHT at 9 p.m. ET with Dr. Howard Dean, called "What we all need to know to win on health care this year." Click here to RSVP:

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Dear MoveOn member,

We’re having an emergency health care briefing tonight at 9 p.m. ET/ 6 PT with Dr. Howard Dean. Can you make it?

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The health care fight is at a pivotal moment right now. There’s been real momentum in Congress on the public health insurance option—the most important part of Obama’s plan. But Republicans and insurance companies are working hard to crush it, and some Democrats are already wavering.

People like us need to step up now and fight for real health care reform, and that means being armed with the facts and strategies it will take to succeed.

So Dr. Howard Dean is leading an emergency briefing TONIGHT for MoveOn and Democracy for America members about what we all need to know to win health care reform this year—and answering our questions live.

RSVP and submit a question at the link up above, and click here tonight to participate in the briefing:


And please pass this email along to your friends, family, neighbors, roommates and coworkers today and invite them to join us tonight. The more people who get this important information, the better chance we’ll have of getting real health care reform this year.

Thanks for all you do. And talk to you tonight!

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