Raleigh NC – Perdue names 3 to serve on NC Utilities Commission

I wonder what is the salary of these folks? I heard it is good. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

A former lawyer for the North Carolina Utilities Commission has been chosen by Gov. Beverly Perdue to become a member of the panel. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Speaking Truth to Power – Lateral Entry Teachers

North Carolina has a shortage of teachers in the classroom across the state, particularly in the rural northeastern part of the state. Often times teachers are accepted into the profession based on a test score. The test score represents the ability/mastery level of the test taker in the content area in the given subject area (i.e. math, science, language arts, etc.).

Is one really capable or qualified to teach based on a test score in the content area? We are staffing our classrooms with teachers that have not been exposed to classes or experiences in pedagogy. What exactly is pedagogy? Do the teachers really understand or even know what best teaching strategies are? If one can recite what best teaching strategies are, can they implement them in a classroom setting?

I am of the opinion that any test administered to lateral entry teachers should measure application of best teaching practices, formative assessment, classroom management skills, and knowledge of the multiple intelligences and the implementation thereof. Lateral entry teachers as well as fully licensed teachers should have the aforementioned skills in their bag of tricks. Additionally teachers must know their students and recognize and understand the student of the 21st century. Is the student a product of poverty, homelessness or any other barriers that impact education? Is this measured on the PRAXIS – content area? An emphatic NO would be the answer.

One can readily assess from the above that the PRAXIS is not a panacea nor is it the answer to accepting lateral entry teachers to the profession. Much more could be said about this approach, but the aforementioned items are most significant.


Rocky Mount NC – Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield Speak at Edgecombe County Convention

Rep. Joe Pat Tolson introduced Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield who addressed Edgecombe County Democrats during the County Convention at West Edgecombe Middle School Rocky Mount NC. Farmer-Butterfield gave an overview of what is going on in the NC State Legislature.

County Chairwoman Genoetre Penny-Boone thanked Farmer-Butterfield before beginning the election of county officers.

Nominations were accepted from the floor and as usual (Rev.) Roosevelt Higgs nominated himself to replace Penny-Boone. County Commissioner Viola Harris nominated Allen Mitchell, the GOTV chair for the county Democrats. Higgs addressed the Democrats saying he nominated himself because he didn’t know if someone was really seeking the seat and he wanted to make sure we had someone. Higgs said that he was going to yield to Mitchell so that he could become chair by acclamation. He did the same mess 2 years ago when Penny-Boone was re-elected to a 2nd term.

Well obviously Higgs had not taken his medication today because as I drove up on the school campus Mitchell had real campaign signs at the entrance of the building. Mitchell had a nice table set up with campaign literature and he also had a campaign sign on both sides of the auditorium stage as we faced the podium.

All of the other offices were unopposed. Dr. Florence A. Armstrong moved up from Secretary to 1 Vice Chair. Robert Bryd stayed on as 2nd Vice Chair and Janice Tolson stayed on as 3rd Vice Chair. Clara Knight was elected as Secretary. Stephanie Hunter stayed on as the Treasurer.

There were 6 Democrats elected to the State Executive Committee 3 females  and 3 males.

But guess what is sooo funny? Do you know Higgs had the audacity to ask Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight to support him today after all that Higgs took him through?

Overall the convention went well.

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Note: Originally posted April 18, 2009

Rocky Mount NC – City forum on energy to tap state, federal sources

Public officials will give the utility rates paid by Rocky Mount residents a lot of attention next month.

The Rocky Mount City Council on Monday approved a resolution establishing May as “Utilities Awareness Month” as an avenue to “educate and heighten efforts to conserve, weatherize and lower the overall cost of electricity.” (Rocky Mount Telegram)