Wilson NC – In response “Next D.A. should represent whole district”

In re: Joy said…

The following is my response to Joy’s comment here.

So what are the qualifications?

Although I am sure you don’t mean it as such, the way in which you worded your comment leaves one to believe that you are saying a black person wouldn’t be the most qualified but you want a black person simply for the sake of having a black person, because not one person has made a comment in any of the articles listed that they just don’t want a black person.

So where in my comment that I demanded a black person? “I agree the D.A. should represent the whole district. You are right on target when you say, The NAACP is prohibited from endorsing any particular candidate, so no names where discussed Thursday. But they need to make sure that any candidate who gets recommended to Perdue will represent the needs of all the people in the Seventh District not just African-Americans. But that is true, however, for anyone who seeks the office.” I feel it is past time that we begin to work on this and it appears that it will have to be the NAACP and like organizations to get the ball rolling. Curmilus Dancy II Pinetops, NC Life Fully Paid Member NAACP”

You see, in the world in which we live today, if that world is lily white, it is not because of inequality but because of individual abilities.

This is b.s. because I know of many instances where black folks where refused this and that and it was not because of the lack of a damn thing.

Childish behavior is you twisting the damn facts because you are in denial that the black person has to meet the qualifications set forth. If they are not chosen because they didn’t meet them, then so be it but cases we are talking about the qualifications were met. I don’t know what the qualifications are for the appointment however I do know what they are during an election.

You say the black vs white thing is getting old. Oh hell, not!! It is the white vs black because it is not more black D.A.’s than whites.

You say let blacks educate themselves to be the better person. Hell in the black community we have always been told that we had to be better than the WHITE man not equal to. Now obviously you are basing your b.s. on those blacks who do not want to be productive but that ain’t the majority of us my friend so you are twisting the facts.

As it relates to standing behind The Barbers of the world. What a great man to stand behind because he has numerous degrees and many of those who stand with him also have degrees and/or they are productive citizens. I don’t hold a degree however I do have a damn good job and a productive citizen in my opinion but hell you may have some qualifications that says otherwise.

Ya’ll are in denial. Race matters and the NAACP and others like myself will continue to fight for justice and we will continue to deal with racist white folks and safe Negroes.


C. Dancy II

In response to:

“Next D.A. should represent whole district”

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