Rocky Mount NC – Potential candidate says DA’s office needs diversity

Atleast Werner get it. Yep talking about diversifying the staff. Now do you think that he would be discussing this if it had not been for the NAACP. Not! The NAACP and the community can hold the next D.A. accountable as it relates to the lack of diversity and other issues. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

A top contender to replace District Attorney Howard Boney says whoever is appointed to replace the longtime official ought to address the “lack of diversity” in the office.

Assistant District Attorney Keith Werner, who has worked under Boney in the Seventh Prosecutorial District since 1989, said Friday he would examine hiring practices at the office and work to diversify the staff if he were selected to finish Boney’s term. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

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3 thoughts on “Rocky Mount NC – Potential candidate says DA’s office needs diversity

    • One damn thing about it, he has proven he is not a scared Negro and he has no problem with speaking truth to power. You see it appears that he didn’t care how racist white folks and/or safe Negroes took his comments, if he actually said what the paper says he said. Speak truth to power D.A.


  1. Werner said he would “examine hiring practices”. Don’t be fooled by this statement. He didn’t say there was a lack of diversity, nor did he say he would take any action. To me this is a non statement that he is fine with the the way things are…unless he’s put under pressure to do otherwise. Don’t forget that Werner is head of Nash’s DA office. If Keith doesn’t like you, you’re not going to get hired in the Nash office. Boney may have had the last say on hiring issues, but that was in paper only. The real power rests with the top 3 assistant DA’s, one from each county. If you actually want change in the 7th district, you’re going to have to find it from the outside, not from the inside. If Werner wants to run in 2010, fine. People would also say “look at his 20 years of experience”. I would say 20 years of what? It’s not like he’s really raised a voice to change much. And, I don’t think he’s whispered either. Seems to me the same ol’…same ol’. Anybody that spends 20 years in an organization must like the way things are run…or they would have left much earlier.


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