Edgecombe/Wilson Counties – Letters to Editor In Response To D.A. Appointment

Press Release

Butterfield asks Perdue to consider black D.A.
U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield has joined the NAACP’s call for black candidates to be considered for the next district attorney in Wilson, Nash and Edgecombe counties. …

Letters to editor

Race does matter in D.A’s appointment
I received a call last Friday that District Attorney Howard Boney Jr. was retiring. I began doing some research to see who is responsible for appointing the person to replace Boney. After reading the Democratic Plan of Organization and N.C. general statutes, I came to the conclusion that the governor makes the appointment. Due to the fact that Boney is retiring, the Democratic Party Prosecutorial Committee, which is made up of 2 persons each from Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson counties, is not requi … (Wilson Times)

Perdue should ignore the NAACP
I sincerely hope that Gov. Perdue will ignore the NAACP and appoint the best qualified person — rather than “a qualified person of color” — to the position of the 7th district D.A. .. (Wilson Times)

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