Edgecombe County – School systems to go over budget details

The Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools Board of Education and Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education will both hold meetings Monday. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Raleigh NC – Senator Clark Jenkins’ E-Newsletter

Note: Received this I guess because they had my email address. If you would like to receive the E-Newsletter please email his office him @ Clark.Jenkins@ncleg.net and ask to be put on the mailing list.

Greetings from Raleigh,

We had a busy week in the Senate working on issues that affect our schools, childhood safety, and government transparency.

First, the Senate passed a bill that made technical changes to North Carolina’s law requiring school attendance until the age of sixteen.  As I’ve mentioned before, we are working hard to lower the dropout rate; the budget we passed includes funding to help improve student performance and increase the likelihood of graduation.

We also passed legislation this week to require an arts education credit to graduate from high school.  North Carolina’s workforce needs people who are not only educated, but innovative and creative.  I supported this measure because arts education has been demonstrated to increase the skills and knowledge required for graduation, and can close achievement gaps and accelerate student performance. If this change becomes law, it will affect students who begin their freshman year in 2010.  The House will now consider the measure.

Another measure the Senate passed this week will help keep children safe by banning the sale of novelty lighters, which are lighters that resemble cartoon characters, toys, animals, or other objects that might appeal to children.  These foreign-made devices have caused many fires resulting in injury and even death.  While they might look like a toy, they are as flammable and dangerous and any other lighter.  The legislation will now be considered by the House.

We also passed legislation to require more information be released about deaths in state mental hospitals, including the circumstances surrounding it and the cause of death.  Patient deaths in state facilities have troubled me and we are working to both reform the system, and make it more transparent.

Finally this week, we passed a resolution honoring the life and career of N.C. State women’s basketball coach Kay Yow, who died in January after a long and courageous struggle with breast cancer.  On the court, she was legendary and won 680 games and led the U.S. to an Olympic gold medal.  Off the court, her grace and determination were an inspiration to the people of our state.

In the coming weeks, the Senate will explore reforming our state’s tax system.  I will keep you updated on that issue and others we are considering.

As always, please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts on these initiatives or any other issue you feel is important.  I hope you have a good weekend, and thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the Senate.


Clark Jenkins

Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

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Pinetops NC – So Has It Ever Been About Qualifications When It Comes to the D.A. Office?

It is sad there has never been a black District Attorney (D.A.) east of HWY 95.

The one thing that I have found consistent is that many times a white elected official will resign their post so that an appointment can be made. White elected officials understand that it is somewhat hard to unseat an incumbent whether that person is elected or appointed.

Look at certain elected offices and see how these officials resigned within one to one and an half years before their term ended. It is my strong belief that they have someone in mind and they tries to give that person the opportunity to get into the seat so that when the election time arrives this person can say they were already doing the job.

I can remember when the D.A. resigned some years ago and D.A. Howard Boney Jr. was appointed. Been there every since. It appears that the legacy still stands. I have been told that one of the candidates Joe Ivey had been campaigning for the job over 2 weeks before the official announcement was by Boney. I was told that Boney told Ivey before he told anyone and Ivey took it and ran with it. I don’t see anything wrong with Boney telling him aobut his plans however the problem I have is that as I read comments in the local newspapers, racist white folks talking about qualifications and fairness.  Talking about fairness and the lack of integrity, how can Ivey who wants to be the next D.A. have the audacity to begin his campaign before Boney’s official announcement. So can I trust Ivey as the D.A. to hold things? Oh well.

I am familiar with other resignations in the Edgecombe County Sheriff and Register of Deed offices. The Clerk of Court election in the 90’s was racism at it’s best.

The Sheriff for many many years resigned and a white guy who worked close to him thought he should get the appointment and when he didn’t he literally got mad and retired. This is when we appointed a deputy as our 1st black Sheriff and he has been elected by a landslide since the 90’s.

The Clerk of Court Election in the 90’s a black female announced she was going to run and she was fired from working in the clerk’s office. She ran and beat him. The whites started an organization called Edgecombe First and they unseated her the next 4 years but we were able to get our first black clerk back in office and she has been there every since.

The Register of Deeds resigned and that was designed so that a white female could replace the white female that was retiring. The black candidates who wanted to be appointed lost however there were 2 black males who were candidates. If it had only been one black it is a possibility that we would have our first black register of deeds.

If Republican Charles Robinson had been a Democrat when he challenged Boney in the late 90’s it is a possibility that he would have defeated him. I remember this election quite well because I was the interim Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair and several folks within the party told me they were going to support Robinson.

So who has really been running the D.A. office for the past 12 years? Did Boney just go along with any and everything? What kind of changes did he make during his tenure?

So now racist white folks and safe Negroes want to talk about qualifications. It is so funny to me because this goes to show that these folks do not understand politics.

The last time I checked the only qualifications to be a D.A. is one must be a citizen, not a convicted felon and one must be an attorney.

One last thing, so has there ever been a qualified black man or woman since the world began?

Note 1: The folks at NC State University chose another womens coach over the one that Coach Yow had requested.

Note 2: I use the word Black and not African American because I am not there yet.

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Edgecombe County – District Attorney Appointment At A Glance

Wilson NC – Butterfield says he will seek relief for high utility rates

U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield says he’s committed to addressing electric rate concerns voiced by Wilson and other municipal leaders in the ElectriCities service area.

Butterfield, D-Wilson, met with Mayor Bruce Rose and City Manager Grant Goings during a recent trip to Washington, D.C. City leaders annually travel to the nation’s capital each year as part of their federal lobbying efforts. (Wilson Times)

Note: Originally posted on April 5, 2009 9:32.

Richmond Va. – Why Try To Fit In When You’re A Standout?

So if you all are familiar with Joe Budden (the most underrated rapper EVER), you would understand the title of my blog Why Try to Fit in When You’re a Standout? comes from a Halfway House song “Just To Be Different.” This sets the perfect stage for my inaugural post—a topic I have been thinking about since high school, and had many conversations with people about. What happened to the real hip hop? (standoutpeople)

Raleigh NC – BDPA Newsletter from Chapters Around the Country

BDPA Foundation

BDPA Newsletters from Chapters Around the Country

Posted: 19 Apr 2009 03:00 AM PDT


BETF-Blog Readers, would you like to see information about programs and services being offered all over BDPA nation? Here are some recent newsletters issued from around the country:

  1. National BDPA (Jan 2009)6-page BDPA-LINK contains articles about Obama’s Inauguration, TechTown (Detroit), Top 10 Trends in IT, IT Corps (Hartford) and Computer Learning Program (Hartford).
  2. BDPA Atlanta (Jun 2008)6-page OUTLOOK with articles on Midwest Region HSCC, Joseph Taylor visit, photo album, IT Showcase update, BETF donor form and 2009 conference info.
  3. BDPA Chicago (Jun 2008)3-page CONNECTION contains information about BDPA events, technology updates, ‘Who’s in the Spotlight’ feature, next program meeting logistics and photos from 20th annual education banquet.
  4. BDPA Cincinnati (Dec 2008)5-page INFORMATION EXCHANGE contains articles focused on Top 10 IT Stories of 2008, 2009 HSCC applications, Using Internet to Avoid the Flu; HSCC alumni testimonial from Kelly Robinson Tarver (Class of 1999) and 6 tips for safe winter driving.
  5. BDPA Los Angeles (Sep 2008)5-page newsletter with articles on 2008 HSCC review, BDPA IT Institute, United Way giving program, featured company (IT Technical Solutions), HSCC Alumni scholarship winners and local chapter news.
  6. BDPA New York (Feb 2009)4-page newsletter with articles on Black Family Technology Awareness Week events, BDPA member testimonial on the Obama inauguration, DTV transition, Black technology contributions, committee updates and calendar of events.
  7. BDPA Richmond (Mar 2008)9-page DIRECT ACCESS newsletter with message from chapter president, 2007 year-in-review, Community Foundation Grant, student programs update, membership notes, member benefits-programs-services, article-‘Where Computers Go to Die’, Culminis update, article-‘What’s Your Weakest Link? Building a Strong Job-Search Claim’, 2008 program meeting topics, message from membership director and board member roster.
  8. BDPA So Minnesota (May 2007)10-page newsletter with message from chapter president, bio of the chapter board members, IBM games, new BDPA website, SITES program, Q&A with Yaa, membership recruitment and meet the donors.
  9. BDPA Triangle (Mar 2009)6-page newsletter with message from the chapter president and articles on Lonnie Johnson (Super Soaker inventor), kiosk technology, texting fees, in-car computing, calendar of event and updates on 2009 BDPA Technology Conference.
  10. BDPA Washington DC (Jan 2009) – 20-page BDPAToday with articles on 2009 STEM agenda, BDPA government relations, Obama inauguration, Black Engineer of the Year conference, CES Expo, IT career opportunities and CompTIA certifications.

You can find repository of prior BDPA newsletters in the files section of our BDPA-Communications YahooGroup. You may need to subscribe to the BDPA-Communications YG before you can download the files located in that repository.

However, we would love to post a link to your chapter’s most recent newsletter right here on the BETF-Blog. Our vision is to have 51 chapter newsletters listed here. Of course, it would be nice if all chapter newsletters would publish information about the BDPA Education & Technology Foundation in each issue as well!

Is your chapter’s most recent newsletter listed?

Grant Recipient: BDPA Triangle ($384)

Posted: 19 Apr 2009 02:40 AM PDT

The BDPA Education & Technology Foundation (BETF) approved a small grant for the youth education program in Raleigh/Durham area. BDPA Triangle chapter president Rick Leggett wrote us back with the following message:

On behalf of BDPA Triangle Chapter – Executive Committee, thanks for the grant award notification. We will fax you the completed IRS Tax Receipt form this week, as well as subsequently submit the Project Completion Report.

BETF funding support will assist our HSCC Team efforts to attend the 2009 National High School Computer Competition representing the Triangle (NC) region.

Rick Leggett, President
BDPA Triangle Chapter
Phone: (919) 688-5982

We want to give out larger grants in the future … but, we are dependent on support from folks like you. Won’t you consider making a secure online donation to BETF today?!