Rocky Mount NC – Utilities customer coalition seeks city council’s support

A citizens’ group is continuing its push to convince public officials to develop proposals for reducing Rocky Mount’s utility rates.

At Monday night’s city council meeting, leaders of Citizens For Fair Utilities asked the council to declare the month of May as “Utilities Awareness Month.” The council agreed to look over the proposed resolution and vote on it at the next meeting. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

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Raleigh NC – NC Senate Budget Update – CJPC Criminal Justice Policy Brief

NC Senate Budget sent to House Last Week

Senate Budget Report

This has been a tough budget year for everyone.  Cuts will be felt all across state government as budget writers recognize that the budget cannot be balanced by simply eliminating a few underfunded programs.

In the Justice and Public Safety (JPS) area of the budget, Senate JPS co-chair Ellie Kinnaird deserves special praise for her tireless efforts to make sure that the state’s community-based corrections programs will continue to exist. Sen. Kinnaird and co-chair Sen. Snow also worked hard to make sure that cuts were taken fairly. (Carolina Justice and Policy Center)

Raleigh NC – The 4th Annual NC Black Summit 2009

The state of Black America is a much debated topic in our nation. Pundits and scholars ponder what are the gaps that separate African Americans from other majority and minority cultures and why they exist. The issue has been attacked on many fronts; social, spiritual, cultural, legislative. While this multifaceted debated rages, more Black children are being left behind in our school systems, more Black men are wasting their youth in the prison system, more Black men and women are dying of curable diseases, and more Black families sit on the economic sideline while our nation prospers.

Visit The Alliance of Black Elected Officials Website for the April 23 – 25, 2009 Summit Schedule. Rev. Al Sharpton will be the guest speaker for the Banquet.

Click on The DCN Blog/TV and click On Demand to see a video of Rev. Sharpton when he spoke at the NAACP Convention in 2005.

Raleigh NC – Breaking News “Ex-congressman Frank Ballance serving prison time at home”

I was told last month that Frankey Baby was suppose to be released however I didn’t see anything in print. I had mentioned it to several folks who had not heard as well. So today here it is. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Former North Carolina Rep. Frank Ballance has been released from prison but is serving the rest of his four-year federal sentence under home confinement.

Court documents show that Ballance, 67, has also filed a lawsuit claiming that the warden of the Federal Prison Camp at Butner violated his constitutional rights by denying furloughs. (WRAL 5)