Dallas Texas – Officer Faces Rebuke In Handling Of RB Moats, Texans Player Was Trying To Make It To Dying Mother-In-Law

Well damn I understand the brother ran the stoplight and the police did the right thing and stopped him. However after finding out that the person was trying to make it in the hospital because someone was dying, the officer did not make the right choice. He could have followed them in the hospital to make sure they were not lying but to just hold them is beyond embarassing. C. Dancy II – Publisher

A Dallas policeman who refused to allow Texans running back Ryan Moats and his family to reach the bedside of a dying family member was placed on administrative leave Thursday and chastised by the city’s police chief for lack of compassion, discretion and common sense. (Houston Chronicle)

Raleigh NC – The National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009

The National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009 that I introduced in the Senate on March 26, 2009 will create a blue-ribbon commission to look at every aspect of our criminal justice system with an eye toward reshaping the process from top to bottom. I believe that it is time to bring together the best minds in America to confer, report, and make concrete recommendations about how we can reform the process.  See details of this legislation and other forums info at link below


Excerpt from this Sunday’s (March 29th) Parade Magazine-“What Wrong with our Prisons”

by US Senator (Virginia) Jim Webb


PS/Save the Date:  Stay tuned for info coming about our 5th year anniversary program— May 1-2 in Raleigh, NC

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From the Publisher – (Rocky Mount NC) ElectriCities Uncovered

I learned about ElectriCities back in the late 90’s when North Eastern NC Committee on the Affairs of Black People (NCCABP) held a meeting at Truth Tabernacle Church in Rocky Mount.

(NCCABP) members were Carol A. Batchelor, Jackie Norris, Lewis Turner, Andre Knight, yours truly and a couple of others who I can’t remember. We formed to deal with every day people issues.

The meeting at Truth Tabernacle consisted of the Rocky Mount City Utilities Staff. This was a very good meeting and most of all very informative.

As the years passed and Angela Bryant was elected to the Rocky Mount City Council, she was appointed to sit on the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency Commission (NCEMPA). This is when we found out that the ElectriCities Board of Commissioners were paid a stipe-end $1,000 a month to attend their meetings. The NCEMPA Commissioners didn’t get paid to attend their meetings however they do go to Parkers Barbecue and Restaurant in Wilson to eat after their meetings.

Folks it appears that some folks in Rocky Mount are reaping some good benefits off the backs of the citizens. It is a damn shame that it has been made to appear that it is the current council who is the reason why Rocky Mount is having hard times.

I have much respect for former Mayor Fred Turnage who was mayor of Rocky Mount for 30 plus years. He was the attorney for Nash Edgecombe Economic Development Inc. (N.E.E.D. Inc.) when I was the vice chair of the board during the late 90’s. It appears that some choices that he has made has not been in the best interest of Rocky Mount be it intentional or unintentional. I would hope that he thought that he was doing the right thing but we all know sometimes we all make some choices that we find out later may not been good after all. Some things we can change and some things we can not and it appears that the ElectriCities is one of those things that can not be changed as Turnage stated.

Angela Bryant had a meeting about ElectriCities in the early 2000’s.

Lewis Turner, Andre Knight, yours truly and some others became a member of Common Ground. Chris Miller chaired this group was elected to the Rocky Mount City Council the same year that Andre Knight was. We had a meeting about ElectriCities in the early 2000’s.

Later Andre Knight was elected the Rocky Mount City Council and then when Rep. Angela Bryant was appointed to the NC General Assembly, Knight was appointed to Bryant’s seat on the NCEMPA Commission. He has been speaking questioning the commission and now the discussion is where we are today.

But guess what folks when Knight was elected to the Rocky Mount City Council he was attacked by some in the white community questioning his residency and tried to get him off the council. They also said it was a conflict of interest that he is the President of the Rocky Mount Branch NAACP and serving on the council. After they couldn’t get him removed from the council, Roosevelt Higgs a Safe Negro, a former convicted felon in Edgecombe County was successful in helping the whites to remove Knight from his council seat for only a short period of time. The NC Court of Appeals ruled that Knight’s rights had been violated and Knight continues to be a strong voice on the council.

It appears that since more black folks are being elected and/or appointed to boards, commissions, councils and etc. that some darkness are being uncovered that would not otherwise have been brought to light. You see this is a prime example of someone being outspoken and labeled as a troublemaker. Besides myself the only person I can think of at the moment is Rocky Mount Councilman Andre Knight who has been unbought and unbossed unlike some other black leaders in Edgecombe County. Just think, if Knight was not on the council and the NCEMPA Commission, would we be discussing ElectriCities to this degree.

The article in the Sunday, March 29, 2009 paper that reads, “Debt keeps region bound to ElectriCities,” take the discussion about ElectriCities to a whole new level. Am I surprised? Oh hell yeah, never thought I would read an article of this magnitude about ElectriCities and Rocky Mount.

Rocky Mount NC – Debt Keeps Region Bound To ElectriCities

So now you got it from a person who signed the Articles of Incorporation. As I have stated many times, he is the one who could tell us what can be done. C. Dancy II – Publisher

He said the power agency’s debt is primarily financed by bonds, which were sold to investors, including many who live in Rocky Mount. “It’s a tremendous expense to undo it (the agreement), if you can, and I’m not sure you can,” Turnage said. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Connecticut – Decriminalize Pot

The Connecticut General Assembly should follow Massachusetts’ lead and change possession of less than one ounce of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor to an infraction. Gov. M. Jodi Rell is looking for substantive ways to save money. Here is one. (The Day)

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Drug War


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The Topsail Voice newspaper is once again trying to create a smoke screen at the 12th hour to hide the facts and sway public opinion, so that the public-at-large and the Commissioners are lulled into believing that everything is fine.

We have a Black President and the race issues are behind us, we have enough racial diversity in administrative positions in Pender County. Even the most conservative supporters of The Topsail Voice and other newspapers, know that this is not the case. (Wilmington Journal)


Leaders from the fields of politics, academia and civil rights paid glowing tribute Wednesday to noted historian Dr. John Hope Franklin, who died yesterday at the age of 94.

The Duke University professor emeritus was heralded not only for his keen insight into the tortured history of American race relations, but his cutting edge scholarship and bold academic leadership. (Wilmington Journal)


We don’t know why Col. Fred Aikens (US Army ret.) was abruptly fired after just one day from his position with Sen. Kay Hagan’s office, primarily because the Guilford County Democrat isn’t speaking.

We understand why the first-term US senator is not telling the press. As much as we feel we deserve to know everything, no one wants his/her boss or former boss yapping to the media about why he/she was fired. (Wilmington Journal)

Tarboro NC – Viola Harris District 2 County Commissioner Host Meeting

Finally an elected official did what so many elected officials say they are going to do when they are running for election. It was past time. My schedule did not allow me to attend this meeting. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Around 35 residents and several local officials attended County Commissioner Viola Harris’s forum Thursday night at the Edgecombe County Administration Building in Tarboro. (Daily Southerner)