NC – What FairVote NC didn’t say about Instant Runoff Voting

FairVote NC is pushing people to lobby the Cary NC city council to be in the IRV pilot again.
Cary meets on Thurs Mar 12 at 6:30 to discuss.  Here is what Fair Vote NC does not tell you:

IRV can not be done within the existing election integrity and transparency laws of North Carolina. It can only be implemented by eroding the Public Confidence in Elections Law and older laws meant to prevent election fraud.

Fair Vote NC is pushing for people (from around the state) to lobby Cary’s Town Council to use IRV again.

But IRV Pilots cannot comply with existing election laws. The NC SBOE admitted as much in a public meeting

Cary’s council should hear from people in Cary, or from those who want to protect the Public Confidence in Elections Law.

IRV erodes election integrity and transparency:

The State Board admits that IRV cannot be conducted in compliance with all current election laws,

IRV ballots will not be counted where cast, but will be hauled away to central location to be counted.

There is no overvote notification for IRV when voters mark the same candidate two or more times.

See video of the Cary Town Council meeting where IRV was discussed on Feb 12.

See minute 35 where Don Frantz, the City Council Member elected in the one contest where IRV was used – speaks. Frantz has several concerns about IRV

Mr. Frantz mentions these 4 reservations:

1. He won the election by a plurality vote, not a majority vote, even after all 3 rounds were counted. Why go to the expense in resources and money to use IRV only to get a plurality result?

2. There is no software to count the IRV, and it took a day to count the votes.

3. Security of the ballots – Frantz pointed out that there werre 4 tables of 3-4 vote counters, and “thats alot of hands on the ballots”.

4. Mr. Frantz sees nothing wrong with a traditional runoff election.

Mr. Frantz also suggested that THIS TIME, Cary have a public meeting before considering trying IRV again, that the first go around, the public was NOT invited to comment and that angered many citizens.


#1 Submit a Letter to the editor of Cary News at:

#2 Contact Members of Council:

Jack Smith 919-816-0999
Ervin Portman 919-233-8551
Gale Adcock 919-469-4011
Harold Weinbrecht 919-859-0015
Jennifer Robinson 919-469-4011
Julie Robison 919-677-9752
Don Frantz 919-612-6870

Email the Cary Council at

#3 Please speak up at the Public Hearing on Instant Runoff Voting:

March 12th, 2009
Council Chambers at 316 N Academy St


Joyce McCloy

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